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[VIDEO] "Saturday Night Live": Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Emma Thompson

Saturday Night Live launched Emma Thompson's hosting debut with a mother of a monologue.

The Oscar-winning actress began her time at Studio 8H, reminding viewers that it was Mother's Day, and asking for some help from a few other mothers who were in the building.

"Want to come along, girl?", Thompson said shortly before SNL Veterinarians Amy Poehler and Tina Fey went outside on stage. After Poehler pulled a plug for her and Fey's new movie Wine Country the trio deciphered what mothers really mean [194559005] when they talk. Or, as Thompson put it, "Welcome to Momspeak 1


For example, when a mother says, "I love all my kids the same," does Fey mean that? "Your sister wins," interposed Poehler.

"Sometimes your mother's meaning depends on where she comes from," Thompson said. And after Fey gave the impression of a Philadelphia mother and Poehler picked out her version of a Boston native, Thompson explained that the "greatness" of a British mother really meant, "I'm sad, I'm happy, how are you, you shame on me I'm crazy, you're drunk. & # 39; Splendid & # 39; is something like ours & # 39; aloha & # 39 ;.

The ladies then finished the piece with a touching message to their children Poehler do their thing, then make the comments with your thoughts on the monologue.

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