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Video shows booth with ICE officers about arrest warrants

MacCormack says he drove two undocumented immigrants who had a hearing in Hudson, New York when the officers stopped his car. They showed him a document through the window of the driver.

The ICE officers called it a warrant. MacCormack told the officers that something was missing: the signature of a judge.

A video showing part of the verbal distance of 5 March was distributed this week on social media. Proponents refer to the exchange as an example of how "know your rights" lessons taught by groups of migrant rights across the country work.

The video recorded by a passenger in the backseat of the car shows MacCormack and the officers discuss the document.

"These are not arrest warrants, sir," MacCormack tells an officer.

"Yes, they are, sir," replies the officer, pointing to the title: "Warrant of Alien Detention."

"Yes, arrest warrant against a foreigner who has not been signed by a judge no warrant, "says MacCormack. "I have no obligation to comply with this warrant."

"This is a legal arrest warrant," the officer continues.

"Signed by a judge?" MacCormack asks.

The officer stresses that the arrest warrant is valid under the Immigration and Nationality Act

. MacCormack shakes his head.

"OK, that's fine," says MacCormack. "But it's not under the Constitution, you have no jurisdiction for me as a citizen, I'm the driver of this vehicle."

ICE: Officers left "to avoid further disruptions"

ICE arrest warrants This is not the same as warrants issued by other law enforcement agencies that allow judges to be tried in court. They are not screened by an independent panel, advocates argue, and they do not give agents the power to run search engines without consent in homes or vehicles.

MacCormack says the officers have gone after an attorney who was elected on the spot, without arrest officials and other supporters gathered at the scene.

"At the end of the day, they had to leave because they had no authority to do anything," he told CNN.

The US Immigration and Customs Service says officials left the scene that day because someone hindered their enforcement efforts.

  ICE regulators sometimes skip required review of arrest warrants, emails show

"Enforcement action 5 March, when ICE deportation officials targeted two unlawfully present aliens, one person who intervened in the enforcement action, leaving the officers instead to leave the scene to avoid further disruption," said one ICE spokesman in one Statement.

"Persons who intervene in or interfere with ICE officers during their mission endanger not only the enforcement personnel, but also the detainees and possibly innocent bystanders," the statement said. "Those who engage in such actions expose themselves to potential crimes and run the risk of harming those who want to support them."

The ICE does not deviate from its mission, the spokesman said.

"Despite these attempts to prevent the legitimate efforts of ICE to arrest criminal immigrants and immigration immigrants, the agency remains committed to its efforts to uphold public safety."

MacCormack, Executive Director of the Columbia County Sanctuary Movement, Er hopes the attention the video receives will send a message.

"The power of this video," he said to CNN, "is that anyone can defend his or her rights and the rights of his communities by doing the same when he & # 39; s in a situation like this one." [19659026]
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