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Latest fashion in Korean films

Recently, Korean small screens have not had any crazy works like "Secretary Kim", "Sister Beautiful" or lastly "Sky Castle". The drama series by Kim Chi, however, remains in one aspect, it is fashion. Just to come up with some of the following three formulas, fashion in Korean movies can be combined in a thick, beautiful handbook for sisters in general and office workers in particular.

. 1 Blouse / Shirt + Skirt

In real life, as the duo / shirt / blouse + skirt legs are favored by office ladies, it is still respected during movie viewing and reflected in reality like that.

The cool stylists from Korea have come up with so many ideas, from a super-sleeveless blouse to a simple skirt and a shirt. Basic shirts can be combined with stylish skirts. But no matter how flexible the variations are, they all have something in common that looks extremely fashionable, polite and always luxurious.

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2. Shirt blouse / shirt + boxer pants

The shirt / blouse is forever the star of the Korean fashion film, especially besides the idea itself To mix with the skirt, the actresses in the film often complete the office style by mixing with a pair of loose underpants and rarely miss out on dressing, a formula that makes them not only visually handsome, but also dignified for the female image that is strongly represented in Korean films.

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4. For the Cold Season: Blazer / Suit

Korean Korean movie specialties are always blazers or elegant and professional suits. And the beauty of fashion in Korean films lies in the variety of designs, motifs, suits colors, blazer shirts, but not in the simplest designs. Even if you refer to all suit models, Blazer is currently "aired" on Korean films when used in the cold season this year or next. They do not fear that they will fade. rural season.

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