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The new president of Ukraine presented to the Cabinet a number of showbiz friends – DVO

On May 23, the Ukrainian media simultaneously published information about the new cabinet situation of new president Volodymyr Zelensky. Accordingly, a number of its "co-stars" and a number of entertainment personalities have been brought into office.

In particular, the position of Vice-President of the Office Serhiy Trofimov was entrusted. , Producer of the program at Zelensky's Studio Kvartal 95.

Serhiy Trofimov will be working under Andriy Bohdan, a former lawyer for billionaire Ihor Kolomoisky – the number behind Zelensky in the election. Surprise dates in Ukraine. Prior to this, Andriy Bohdan served as Chief Office Officer.

Serhiy Shefirm, Yuriy Kostiuk and Kyrylo Tymoshenko worked as scriptwriters, former founders of the studio Kvartal 95 and TV producer. Zelensky was appointed senior advisor to the president.

  Tan Tong Thong Ukraine presented the showbiz
to the new president of Ukraine during the solemn ceremony

In particular Ivan Bakanov TV showmate with mister Zelensky was appointed the acting director of the National security department (SBU). Mr. Bakanov was also the man who joined Zelensky to form recently the party "People's Service" in the elections in Ukraine.

According to the BBC, Mr. Zelensky is determined to fulfill his ambition. "TV became true" after the appointment of a number of cabinet officials became the entertainment industry. All these people had no political experience, much like Mr. Zelensky.

"The only political experience they have has been through their roles following the successful comedy TV series Zelensky takes courageous steps," said a BBC expert.

On May 20, Mr. Zelensky officially took over the position of President. At that time, he gave a very convincing speech to the people, along with many promises of ceasefire, peace talks with the autonomous Donbass region and promoting the country's economy.

After trying to bring a number of non-political actors into a number of important positions of the Cabinet and me as an inexperienced person, Ukraine's public opinion immediately expressed doubts.

The Ukrainian voice said that if the nation's economic, social and external situation did not erupt soon, Mr Zelensky would certainly be critical.

In one act Other variables, the President of Ukraine also faces a lot of challenges in relations with Russia. First mention of the stalemate for the rescue of 24 sailors and 3 naval ships arrested by Russia since November 2018 during the period of Poroshenko's presidency.

Next, the widespread Russian grant The passport for Ukrainian citizens of the Donbass region is an important political concern to address the president. Most worryingly, Zelensky will ban the sale of energy including Russia's oil and oil and coal products to Ukraine.

This ban will come into effect on June 1st. And if there is no emergency plan quickly, Ukraine will be in a state of energy exhaustion and the economy will have no chance of recovery.

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