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To win, Croatia has to rely on the losers

. 1 Ivan Perisic scores seven goals for Pickford, more than twice as many as one player on the field. It was followed by Mandzukic, Brozovic, Rebic and Lingard – the same three phases ended.

But every phase was over, Perisic scored the goal only once, and the goal in the 68th minute, The goal returned Croatia from the dead and threw the flag, throwing the spirit of the English player, Croatia directly to victory , [Imgsrc="http://sohanewssohacdncom/2018/7/13/178502501379-153146899889033055874-1531469007232716615500png"id="img_3a70c470-8673-11e8-b43b-e5d94b930aa8"w="1024"h="683"alt="InordertowinthechampionshipCroatiahastorelyonthelosers-Photo1


But Perisic is Hardcore In the 109th minute of the third game they had more than Playing on the court for 120 minutes, the tectonic road was successfully used to knock down the English and bring Croatia to the final.

<img src = "http://sohanews.sohacdn.com/thumb_w/660/2018/7 /13/679238727617-15314691233271807370205.jpg "id =" img_7f4c7bc0-8673-11e8-b43b-e5d94b930aa8 "w =" 1024 "h =" 683 "alt =" In order to win the championship, Croatia has to rely on the losers – photo 2. "In order to win the championship, Croatia has to rely on the V Liberator left – Photo 2. " rel = "lightbox" photoid = "7f4c7bc0-8673-11e8-b43b-e5d94b930aa8" type = "photo" style = "max-width: 100%;" daten-original = "http://sohanews.sohacdn.com/2018/7/13/679238727617 After the game, Perisic won the tournament's best player and found that the 29-year-old has scored 10 full points, Mandzukic said. That Croatia deserved to win because they fought like real players, but the bravest champions, sure Inter Milan striker.

After the game, coach Zlatko Dalic said Ivan Perisic was the son of the Republic of Croatia, He always after his participation Asked about the defense, and that when Perisic scored after the defeat of England and had a strong self-confidence, He's still best in the final against France.

2. Immediately after Croatia had reached the final, people analyzed the reason why the team could go so deep, and only left the historic World Cup final one game, but almost all of them are helpless because they are not a unified team, ke ine "golden generation" or not good enough to make the breakthrough. Yes, they only have a strong resistance against scary.

Say that the "army" Dalic brings to the 2018 World Cup is a group of "military invisibles" of the wrong, because if they are a closed army for discipline, then there is no problem. The Army and the Prime Minister soon had to return home because the political message flowed into a big sporting event, and there was no striker Nikola Kalinic would kick home because he refused to play. In order to win the championship, Croatia has to rely on the losers – Picture 4. "In order to win the championship, Croatia has to rely on the losers – Photo 4." rel = "lightbox" photoid = "f8146f90-8673-11e8-b43b-e5d94b930aa8" type = "photo" style = "max-width: 100%;" daten-original = "http://sohanews.sohacdn.com/2018/7/13/251010506988 The resistance in the army that Croatia brought to Russia is extremely strong, but soon after he won the British, Mandzukic spoke He vehemently criticized the media and British football experts for having underestimated him before the match, even coach Zlatko Dalic enters with his student.

And among the "" Ivan Perisic is the most defiant this winger throws his football career in the garbage when he is ready to tear up the contract with the club to educate himself to succeed, to leave his homeland to France for Sochaux without permission, only to squeeze the sword. The first "player" turned his potential friend into the path of losers, from Hajduk Split, Sochaux B, Roeselare, Club Bruges, Dortmund, Wolfsburg to Inter Milan Quite a lot more flowers, more success, instead of just a Bundesliga championship, and where, Perisic also rejected, except the last station. To win the championship, Croatia has to rely on the losers – Photo 5. "To win the championship, Croatia has to rely on the losers." = "1eb90390-8674-11e8-8a5a-db818b7189f6" type = "photo" style = "max-width: 100%;" daten-original = "http://sohanews.sohacdn.com/2018/7/13/810241891350 Over the past two seasons, Mourinho's Man United has fiercely competed and is still in Inter Milan. [19659004] But the failure is that the British only look at the Mandzukic, in Luka Modric, who "cheat" Perisic, or rather can not "take that" He, then to bring the 29-year shine to shine, glittering brilliant, Man United must restart the campaign to bring this midfielder to Old Trafford.

<img src = "http://sohanews.sohacdn.com/thumb_w/660/2018/7/13/386327496894-1531469482624474316338. jpg "id =" img_553b0620-8674-11e8-ba5d-a5e99d0f10e7 "w =" 1024 "h =" 694 "alt =" Will win, Croatia has to rely on the losers – Photo 6. "title =" Will win, Croatia must rely on the losers – Photo 6. "rel =" lightbox "photoid =" 553b0620-8674-11e8-ba5d-a5e99d0f10e7 "type =" photo "style =" max-width: 100%; "data -original = "http://sohanews.sohacdn.com/2018/7/13/386327496894-1531469482624474316338.jpg" Before the finale of the Luzhniki Stadium, more The Croats will be extremely tired in the final if they face more than once against France must play (three times in extra time), as well as against Perisic, and France is the strongest opponent. They have faced this World Cup. But for someone who is too familiar with failures like Perisic, expensive stars like Pogba, Kante or Mbappe are exactly the same, and not the strongest opponent, the resistance of the Croatian players. With the method "to use the way to win the property", as the soil martial arts, the more space to create this surprise? And above all, they will enter a very quiet fight because of the finals, then there is nothing left to fear.

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