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Views of The Turnbuckle: Greatest Royal Rumble Review; A loaded lineup, but a flat show

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As I said last week, the Greatest Royal Rumble was a very strange event for WWE , I already have many social topics around the event (no Sami Zayn?) And the ban on women in the show is discussed. Since I wrote everything about it last week; I will not address it again here. Instead, let's talk about the actual show, which was bizarre in its own way. On the one hand, it looked like a loaded big show with a bunch of great games. but the lack of build to most of these matches made it seem like a glorified house show. After seeing the event, it was more of the latter. The show had big matches; but many of them had lame finishes that made the event look more like a spot show on the way to something bigger than a big event.

Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns: *

I really did not like this game. Lesnar, who controversially wins the game, makes me think that we get an OTHER game between the two. This came after it had already felt like the feud had taken its course in the aftermath of RAW, which led to Greatest Rumble. I'm not sure if people really want more of this feud.
The game itself is just sucked. It was a repeat of her lackluster WrestleMania game; With the boys hardly the movements of a traditional game and only spamming Signature Moves. The term "Spotfest" is overused, but this match was really a spotfest. Towards the end of the match, when Cole got away, how many Lesnar F5, or how many spears Reigns did, it only canceled each of their finishing moves. It also does not take much effort to just do big movements and the crowd hopes to respond. Throw the botched end that has confused everyone. and that was one of the worst World Cup games we'll see all year round.

AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: *** ½

They were on their way to a pretty good match to the finish, which turned out to be lame. Both guys have been working hard and Nakamura seems to be more motivated in the ring than a straight heel and of course Styles is the perfect babyface. The double count-out finish was weak; and is a perfect example of how WWE did not really treat the event as a serious big show. The goal was clear, only to kill a time until their game at Backlash, which is probably taken more seriously.

Greatest Royal Rumble: ** ¾

A very mixed sack. 50 is way too big for a rumble match; especially without big bets like a future title on the line. The fact that many of the really big names in WWE had already worked on the show did not help, as WWE was forced to use a lot of filler for this match. A group of hardcore American fans would find it hard to spot some of the names on the field, let alone the more casual crowd in Jeddah. The last ten minutes, however, were pretty good; and the right guy in brown Strowman won it. Strowman really looks like the guy who should beat Lesnar, especially since Reigns made two mistakes twice in the last month.

The Undertaker vs Rusev: ** ¼

That was better than I expected; Although Undertaker's performance was considered at WrestleMania this was a lower beam to be clarified. Undertaker did a lot more in this match and seemed to move better than WrestleMania. Although Michael Cole claimed that he was in the best shape of his life, it was just a little over the top. The game was still kept short; and it's kinda shitty that the company is not behind a guy like Rusev who has so much charisma and the fans love him.

Triple H vs. John Cena: ** ¾

The crowd liked it as an opener and with the exception of The Undertaker they were the show's biggest stars. The match was very safe and easy and felt like a match that was not built before they got into the ring. Both Triple H and Cena slowed down a lot in the ring and the match was very methodical. They did about ten minutes of basic knowledge and then quickly went into some finisher spots before Cena got the clean victory. It was nothing remarkable, but the crowd ate it up.

Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins vs. The Miz: *** ¾

The best game of the series; That was not the typical car crash most multi-man ladder matches have. Instead of the ladders being everywhere, they only had one ladder and the boys did not do anything weird, that was the best. Everyone worked hard, Samoa Joe became the star of the game. Like a guy like Minoru Suzuki; Joe plays the role of the cool Baddass extremely well; and no matter what situation he is in, his character will never be compromised. The only downside was that the target was wrong, as Balor had to stand on top of the ladder and wait for Rollins to come back on the apron, stepping on the ladder, swinging up and the tracks. If Balor were the ladder on the ground or lower rung, it would not have been that bad; but Balor was within range of the title and he just stood there like an idiot while Rollins did all the stuff.

Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy vs. The Bar: ** ¼

A quick match that really did not give anyone time to do something spectacular. With The Bar drafted into SmackDown, they were unlikely to become RAW Tag Team Champions; therefore, I think the predictability of the game has affected its overall quality. WWE will build the RAW Tag Team division around Wyatt and Hardy for the near future.

The Cudgel brothers against the Usos: ** ¼

Almost a copy of the RAW Tag Team Championship game; although this one felt shorter and had less heat, but the wrestling was better. The Bludgeon Brothers get the monster push on SmackDown and basically crush the usos here. The bar on SmackDown could make a baby face and these two teams could have some really good matches.

Jinder Mahal vs. Jeff Hardy: **

A pretty boring match, with the most notable moment when Mahal was completely out of position to catch a Whisper in the wind of Hardy, but still sells the train coming close, to beat him. Mahal is a limited wrestler and Hardy has done everything to make the match exciting. but in that case, not much would happen.

Cedric Alexander vs. Kalisto: *** ½

The Cruiserweight Championship match came right after the Triple H against Cena Match, and while the crowd was not nearly as interested in this game; Alexander and Kalisto did a lot more and had a really good match, even without a big reaction from the crowd. In particular, Kalisto looked great and made a series of cool and unique spots that no one else on the list would have. The WWE has deported the division to 205 live, which is very annoying because these guys really blow their asses, but in Jeddah they had a good match.

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Matt Riddle vs. Keith Lee: **** ̵

1; PWG Neon Knights

Flip Gordon vs. Zack Saber Jr.: **** – PWG Neon Knights

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