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Violent tornadoes break through Missouri, killing 3 and causing great damage

Wednesday night until Thursday saw a new round of thunderstorms in the central United States, following an outbreak of thunderstorms across the region earlier this week.

A big tornado raced through the capital Jefferson City, Missouri, late Wednesday night around 11:45 pm CDT. The National Weather Service in St. Louis has imposed a tornado emergency on the area after a "violent tornado" was confirmed on the spot. First responders worked all night to launch search and rescue operations for people trapped in collapsed buildings.

Jefferson City Police has confirmed that at least 20 citizens have been transferred to local hospitals.

According to the Jefferson City Fire Department on Facebook, they responded "actively to serious damage". The Missouri Task Force 1 was activated at the request of the fire department to help with the cleanup. The State Highway Patrol Troop F from Missouri was also involved in the purge.

Three people were killed in Golden City, Missouri after a tornado hit the region Wednesday night, according to The Joplin Globe. A tornado thunderstorm that was traced from Ottawa County, Oklahoma, to Bexter Springs and Galena, Kansas, and then to Carl Junction, Oronogo and Golden City, Missouri areas. Parson had already declared the state of emergency earlier this week, as it had repeatedly come to storms and floods.

In addition to the tornadoes, heavy thunderstorms on Wednesday evening caused all sorts of storms, including flash floods, destructive hail larger than golf balls, and gusts of wind over 100 km / h.

  Joplin Tornado May 22

Threatening storms found near the Joplin, Missouri area, but ultimately no major damage to the city. For Joplin, there was a danger of damaging storms and tornadoes on the anniversary of the devastating EF5 that hit the city in 2011 and Friday.
More rounds of heavy thunderstorms are forecast for the central states of the US on Thursday and Friday. This includes an area that resembles the Wednesday's storms, stretching from Texas to Illinois.

Wednesday's first tornado was confirmed near Cromwell, Oklahoma, east of Oklahoma City.

Some parts of the southern plain have received more than a month of rain since the weekend. Deadly storms that hit Oklahoma and its neighbors earlier this week triggered dozens of reported tornadoes and led to devastating floods in parts of Oklahoma on Wednesday. The rain of this new round of thunderstorms could cause the flood to expand even further, flooding more streets and communities.

"As several storms can repeatedly propagate in the same places at the end of this week, flooding is another big problem. Some communities may still get 3 to 6 inches of rain in addition to what has already fallen earlier this week, "said AccuWeather meteorologist Kyle Elliott.

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6:02 CDT Thursday:

The Jefferson City Police Department announced that the number of casualties had risen to 20, but no deaths were reported in Jefferson City.

According to a press release, concerns remain about companies located in the affected area. The utilities in the damaged homes and businesses present a danger when power is restored.

"Rescue teams continue to connect with displaced persons in the affected area, and citizens are encouraged to stay away from the area to provide access to rescue services," a statement said.

5:23 pm CDT Thursday:

The Department of Public Security in Missouri reports that at least nine people have been rushed to Jefferson City hospitals for storm-related injuries. The agency denies reports that 100 people have been hospitalized.

Officials are also not calling for key state employees working in Jefferson City to report to work on Thursday.

"Some state buildings are damaged, others have to be thoroughly inspected, and power has been cut in some areas and we will keep you up to date," officials said on Twitter.

4:15 pm CDT Thursday:

A In Indianapolis there is a severe thunderstorm warning. In the past, this gust of wind had gusts of wind at speeds of up to 100 km / h, leading to fallen trees and power lines.

02 : 4:00 pm CDT Thursday:

The Missouri State Highway Patrol Troupe F (MSHP Troop F) is assisting the Jefferson City Police during cleanup work in Jefferson City, Missouri, following a devastating tornado sweeping the area. They urge the residents to avoid the area.

Here are some photos of the damage taken by MSHP Troop F:

  Damage MHSP Troop F 1

One of several vehicles on or near WB BUS 54 near Eldon, Missouri. (Twitter / MSHP Troop F)

  Damage to Jefferson City MO

After a tornado in Jefferson City, Missouri, on Wednesday night, trees and power lines crashed. (Twitter / MSHP Troop F)

02:30 pm CDT Thursday:

A series of thunderstorms that have generated gusts of wind between 70 and 80 miles per hour in the past will move east to the north and in the center of Indiana

  Screenshot of 23.05.2019 at 3.35.08 pm.png

1.30 pm CDT Thursday:

A series of thunderstorms cross Illinois early Thursday morning. The main threat to this line is the damage of winches.

Within this line, several reports of felled trees and power lines have been reported. At Bloomington Airport, a gust of 90 km / h was reported.

Funnel clouds near Fairbury were reported on the north side of this line. The cities of Kempton and Cullom continue to have a tornado warning.

  Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 2:28:15.

01:15. CDT Thursday:

Thunderstorms in Northeast Oklahoma will be able to produce a tornado in the next few hours. Recently, a tornado was reported near Bernice, Oklahoma. Wind gusts between 70 and 80 miles per hour have also been reported south of Afton, Oklahoma.

The future trail of these thunderstorms is located south of Joplin, Missouri.

  Screenshot of 23.05.2019 at 2:17:07 pm .png

12:20 pm CDT Thursday:

The Arkansas River in Muskogee has been in a major flood phase and is expected to rise until Thursday morning. No record was set for the second highest registered ridge.

00:10 CDT Thursday: [19659004] The Jefferson City Fire Department reports people trapped in cellars and apartment complex after a tornado in the state capital. There are also several social media reports about a Best Western hotel hit by internal tornado injuries.

The emergency service has asked the National Guard for assistance to help those captured or injured by the tornado.

23:45. CDT Wednesday:

There is a tornado emergency in Jefferson City, Missouri and the surrounding area. Take cover now! According to the National Weather Service in St. Louis, a tornado was confirmed on site.

23:00 CDT Wednesday:

According to Lamar Police Chief and several sources, three deaths were confirmed by the tornado in Golden City, Missouri.

22:30. CDT Wednesday:

Muskogee County Emergency Management has called those in the city of Webber Falls and nearby areas west of the Arkansas River to evacuate now! "The Arkansas River is now experiencing historic and life-threatening floods," they said. "There is a threat of significant flooding in the city of Webber Falls."

Those who evacuate should take Highway 100 west and south to Interstate 40 off the Arkansas River.

9:55 am. CDT Wednesday:

A new thunderstorm can trigger a tornado north of Golden City, Missouri, hit by a tornado less than an hour ago.

  Screenshot of 22/05/2019 at 22:51:18 Uhr.png

21:45 clock CDT Wednesday:

This picture shows debris from the tornado in Orongo, Missouri, north of Joplin, on Wednesday evening over 20,000 feet were thrown into the air.

9:30 pm CDT Wednesday:

A tornado left the city of Golden City , Missouri, according to law enforcement, has caused significant structural damage. This is the same storm that happened an hour earlier near Joplin, Missouri.

A tornado warning remains in effect for this storm as it moves northeast.

A trained observer also observed a tornado on the ground north of Columbia, Missouri.

9:00 pm CDT Wednesday:

Muskogee County officials confirm that two barges have erupted on the Arkansas River. They go downriver and some worry about hitting the lock and dam of Webber Falls.

The city of Webber Falls underwent a mandatory evacuation.

8:18 pm. CDT Wednesday:

Particularly Dangerous Situation: A confirmed large and destructive tornado is hovering over Oronogo near Joplin, Missouri, heading northeast at 40 km / h.

Significant damage has been reported at Fir Road and Black Cat Road on the south side of the Carl Junction area.


19:54 pm CDT Wednesday:

An observer confirmed a large tornado near Baxter Springs, Kansas, west of Joplin, Missouri.


19:36 pm CDT Wednesday:

AccuWeather video journalist Blake Naftel has captured a large Keptornado near Commerce, Oklahoma.

19:27 pm CDT Wednesday:

A large cone tornado was discovered near Commerce, Oklahoma, in a northeasterly direction to the Kansas border quickly reported northeast towards the KS border.

– NWS Tulsa (@NWStulsa) May 23, 2019

06:57 pm CDT Wednesday:

In the west of Bluejacket, Oklahoma, a tornado was reported heading towards Welch was.

Very strong gusts of wind are expected from the heavy thunderstorms until this evening. These storms can produce wind gusts of more than 100 km / h.

18:09 pm CDT Wednesday:

The National Weather Service in Tulsa, Oklahoma, reported one Tornado in the north of Tulsa, east of Sperry approaching Collinsville. Residents should seek refuge immediately.

5:55 pm CDT Wednesday:

AccuWeather reporter Jonathan Petramala reports sirens in Tulsa, Oklahoma to arrive as heavy storms on the area. Residents should be alert and attentive in an emergency.

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