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Viral sensation Remove China Apps from the Play Store

Remove China Apps

  • The popular “Remove China Apps” utility has been removed from the Play Store.
  • It has gone viral in the past few days and has reached five million downloads in India.
  • The app appears to have violated the Play Store guidelines for misleading behavior.

A new app called Remove China Apps went viral in India last week and became the best free app on the market. Now it turns out that Google has taken action by retrieving the app from the Play Store.

The app, which has been downloaded more than five million times, has been accessed for violating misleading behavior in the Play Store under the policy TechCrunch. It appears that Remove China Apps violated the section on misleading settings changes.

According to Google, no apps are permitted that entice users to uninstall or remove third-party apps / functions. This section also blocks apps that encourage or encourage users to remove third-party apps and features, unless it’s a security app.

China Apps Removal scans the list of apps on your phone and notifies you of apps made in China on your device. The app also gives you the option to quickly delete faulty apps. This latter function probably led Google to take action.

It’s no surprise that Remove China Apps like us are pulled from the Play Store First, it was pointed out that Google Apps prohibits interfering with other apps. Still, removing such a popular app will cause a reaction among many Indian users.

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