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Visa Failure: Payment Chaos After Card Network Crashes – Live Updates | business

Overseas travelers are stuck for visa abuses


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John Lewis staff at St Pancras Station said visa payments had fallen sporadically since about 4pm. "Sometimes it works, but many transactions have failed," said Pedro Rodriguez, a salesman. "More than 10 transactions failed, one lady had to call her bank and was quite upset, but most people also have a MasterCard or cash, so it's fine."

Boots staff said the problem seemed to be just PIN Number transactions and people could still pay for purchases under £ 30.

Employees at Thameslink and East Midlands Train said they were unaware that people have trouble buying tickets.

Lisa Eagleton-Muir, 44, had come to London to audition for the Great British Sewing Bee, but was unable to buy food for the train back to Newcastle at Kings Cross Station. "I only have two cards and they are both visas, I tried to buy my tea in M ​​& S and a coffee shop, but they were both turned down, I do not know what I'm going to do, it's a long journey home without Food. "Fortunately, she was able to withdraw money from the ATM.

Paperchase at the station said he had not made any card payments after repeated cancellations.

"I tried all my cards and none of them work, I'm really late for my turn," said Alison Merritt Smith, 31, a fine art producer. "The queues are intense in M ​​& S. But they are doing a fantastic job."


A number of companies have published statements that say they have Problems with Payments:

Sainsbury's said:

This seems to affect different loyalty cards differently, but we are not experiencing any significant issues at present.

Railways GWR said his ticket booths and vending machines could not accept Visa cards. A spokesman said that passengers aboard the train knew it was possible to buy tickets on the train with cash.

We encourage passengers to buy tickets at ticket offices or vending machines before departure. We are taking steps to make ticket purchases for passengers as easy as possible at this time. Wetherspoons confirmed that it was suffering from "intermittent visa card problems" affecting all of the chip and pin processed cards of its mobile app. The pub group asks customers to use an alternative card provider or cash.

A TfL spokesman said:

Customers who use contactless payment cards should continue to use tube, bus and train services as normal. We are monitoring the situation in close cooperation with our payment providers.


Asda urges customers to pick up cash

A spokesman for the Asda supermarket chain said that problems with payments in stores are over The country happened sporadically since 15 o'clock on Friday. Some payments went through, others did not, he said. Customers are told that cash is the best payment method.

"When you try to pay something, it sends a message to Visa and then Visa has to send back a message to the chip and plug in the machine to say that it's okay and then the banks are in between. The message that comes back on the chip and pin is where the fault lies.

"We recommend that customers find that cash is the best way to make purchases, since you still have money with the [a] debit card can pay.


Supermarkets dealing with payment issues

In Scotland say some supermarkets Visa works sporadically and they open cash registers only for cash registers.

Frances, a check-out manager at Morrison's in Anniesland, Glasgow, has spent old hand-held cash machines and paper authentication slips to check employees, as well as opening more cash registers only. She says that the crash has come in waves, so it's hard to know if the maps work or not.

Customers are still served fairly quickly, despite the extra delay in calling to authenticate individual cards.

Not fast enough for Shelley, who went shopping with her two nephews, who were out of milk during a babysitter session. She was nervous when she tried to settle her bill, and then added the extra value points to her customer card at the customer service desk.

The visa failure does not seem to be consistent, and other stores in the shopping area reported no problems throughout the afternoon.


Banks apologize to customers

Visa investigating transaction issues

Visa users have problems with payments in the UK and Europe


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