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Vizio P-Series Quantum TV Review (2019): The best for less

Nothing Fine on a 65-inch TV . Due to its size, it will attract attention as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. As I went downstairs to help the delivery man deliver the Vizio P-Series Quantum to my apartment, a stranger in the lobby congratulated me on taking a newborn baby home. It's beautiful. "He was not mistaken.

The Quantum of the P series is a lot of TVs with a 65-inch or 75-inch display, a resolution of 4K pixels, Quantum Dot technology (more on that soon) and a $ 1,400 price tag. After looking at everything, it's hard not to be impressed despite a sticker shock.

Size matters

Unless You already have one of these televisions in your living room, office or hiding place .You probably need to play a bit of furniture Tetris to make room .Every 65 inch television is enormous and Vizio's four aluminum support legs require a very wide surface to stand on. They have a number of advantages that I'll go into later, but unlike smaller mid-range televisions They are too wide for many TV stands, tables and shelves.

Since they were wider than my At the dining table, I pushed together two Ikea bookshelves as a makeshift TV stand.

It's surprisingly large and pretty thin for an LCD TV: half an inch at the thinnest point and just over two inches at the thickest point. If this was an LG OLED TV I would expect a slim profile. Due to their display technology, OLEDs can only be a few millimeters thin, but the Quantum P series is an LCD TV with a grid of LED backlighting. The profile and the ultra-thin bezels make it look much thinner than it is, but it's thicker than a competing OLED. Nevertheless, it is surprisingly slim for its size. I own a Sony Bravia, which is only a few years old and much thicker.


The Quantum Realm

Quantum is the name of this television. So let's talk about quantum dots . This is the display technology that puts this television one step ahead of its more affordable siblings. Quantum dots are basically an extra layer of filters in a LED-backlit LCD TV. These filters are made of nano-scale semiconductors that can produce vibrant red, blue, or green light. With the help of quantum dots, televisions can produce crisp, vivid and cinematic colors – the best and brightest you can achieve with LED-backlit LCD displays. Currently, only an OLED TV is better.

OLED televisions, mainly manufactured by LG, use a completely different display technology, which is responsible for their gossamer form factors as well as incredibly sharp and vivid displays. These displays literally consist of millions of microscopic LEDs that are turned on and off independently. Instead of having a backlight, each pixel glows on itself, producing brighter colors and blacks. But they are very expensive, especially for large sizes like 65 inches. OLED TVs start at almost $ 3,000 and will be reduced to around $ 1,700 by the end of each year.

Spectacular Spider-Man

It's not an OLED, but the P-Series Quantum is closer to the naked eye. Vizio's marketing materials promise "cinematic intensity" and the Quantum delivers just that. Every TV maker promises that his newest and best device will turn any room into a home theater, but the P-Series Quantum actually lives up to that promise and more more. Turn off the lights and the bright, vibrant display illuminates a room. With the right snacks and a comfortable couch, you really feel like you're in a movie theater. Once I was done revisiting Spider-Man: Homecoming in 4K, I started looking for anything in my YouTube and Amazon video libraries that I could throw on this TV.

The P-Series Quantum turns every wall into a window. I even enjoyed watching simple videos like rain falling from a forest sky during a thunderstorm or blades of grass swaying in the soft summer breeze. With the right television, such 4K demonstrations are as thrilling as The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi . (At least for a while.)

Dark content also occurs on the Quantum, in part due to the 200 local dimming zones of the 65-inch model (the gigantic 75-inch model has 240 local dimming zones). This darkens portions of the screen and enhances the contrast between light and dark areas. Even stock-dark images such as high-resolution videos of the night sky are rendered beautifully. There was never a noticeable bleeding or bloom of color, even when vivid colors were contrasted with pitch-black backgrounds. Sound is also passable. As with most televisions, you should invest in a soundbar for this model.

Traditionally, I wait until the sun goes down to visually watch dark shows and movies. Even my blinds can not handle the sunlight falling into my west-facing windows. But this is the final season of Game of Thrones and waiting for nightfall gives the social media (and far too many group chats) too much time to accidentally drop spoilers on me. The P-Series will be bright enough to watch live the dimly lit Battle of Winterfell in broad daylight. I had to see everything fresh before Twitter could spoil any of it.

One More Thing

If the P-Series Quantum was an incredibly sharp, vibrant television, that would be enough to justify its sticker price. However, it has built-in apps for most major streaming services. With Chromecast and Apple AirPlay features, you can also use your phone, laptop, or tablet as a TV remote. You can even link the Quantum to your Google Assistant or Alexa devices to talk to your TV as if you were Captain Picard – which is good because the menus for all these streaming services are sometimes not intuitive, and with the TV does not list anyone with whom it is compatible. For example, you need to use your phone or an external device to open HBO Now. You can also buy one of our recommended streaming devices.

The Vizio P-Series Quantum is an outstanding television, media and multifunction device. The price is competitive in view of image quality, but it is always hard to swallow more than $ 1,000 to pay for a TV. Vizio sells a Quantum X TV, which is more expensive, and models that are cheaper, but the Quantum is a good mix of value and quality. If you're looking for a display that can compete with the best, this may be the cheapest amazing TV you can buy.

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