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Volatile couples threatened with murder may receive help from white supremacists, authorities say

Blane Barksdale, 56, and his wife Susan Barksdale, 59, may receive help from White Commander-in-Chief, US Marshal David Gonzales said Monday.

The couple escaped from custody in late August to be charged with arson, burglary and murder in connection with the death of Frank Bligh, a Vietnam veteran killed in April in Tucson, Arizona. The two had used a medical emergency to get the guards to drive to the side of the road. Then they overcame her and dumped her in the trunk, Gonzales said last month.

"Someone like Blane in prison – with both local and state and federal prisons – would be associated with Aryan brotherhoods, white bands of the Supreme Races, so these are the people we believe could help "Gonzales said at a press conference on Monday.

"I do not think there are people helping to accommodate these people, and it's a crime," he said.

The authorities believe that the couple flew the hijacked van to a remote area in northeast Arizona on the day they fled to meet with a new person and get a new vehicle.

Then they left the van with the guards.

The guards managed to free themselves after a few hours, and they notified the sheriff department of Apache County, Gonzales had said. By that time, the Barksdales had disappeared for about six hours.

Most wanted list

  Blane Barksdale

The federal agency offers a reward of up to $ 25,000 for information leading to the arrest of Blane Barksdale, and up to $ 10,000 for anything leading to the arrest of Susan Barksdale, Gonzales said.

Blane Barksdale has numerous tattoos on his arms and hands.

There's also a $ 5,000 reward for the red GMC Sierra pickup, which saw the Barksdales last, he added.

"Individuals who are on the top 15 list of US marshals are usually professional criminals with violent histories and whose offenses pose a significant threat to public safety." Blane Barksdale has the dubious distinction of this Meet the requirement. " said Monday.

Gonzales said the authorities did not believe the two made it to Mexico.

The Crime

In April, police responded to a fire that led to an explosion at Bligh.

  Susan Barksdale

But he and his vehicle were nowhere to be found, and the investigators found that the fire had been deliberately set and that Bligh had been killed, police said in Tucson.

On May 1, a warrant was issued against the Barksdales, which included, inter alia, first degree murder, burglary, arson and car theft.

The Barksdales, however, had fled the state to trigger a nationwide search. They were found in Henrietta, New York, a suburb of Rochester, and arrested on 24 May without incident.

CNN was unable to identify a lawyer for the couple.

CNN's Konstantin Toropin, Eric Levenson, Dan Simon and Giovanna Van Leeuwen have contributed to this report.

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