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Volunteer Defendant of the shooting of the Maine deputy arrested

A day-long hunt for the fugitive, who was accused of shooting a Maine Deputy earlier this week, ended on Saturday afternoon with an arrest.

John Williams, who had been on the run since early Wednesday morning, was caught living in forest-covered Norridgewock area after officers contacted him shortly before 1pm, WGME reported.

Authorities believe Madison's 29-year-old resident shot and killed 62-year-old Eugene Cole, a corporal with the Somerset County Sheriff's Office, before escaping in the officer's patrol car and stealing in one Cumberland Farms Caused

Cole, a 13-year-old veteran of the force, was found dead at 7am on Wednesday morning, only hours after his vehicle was found abandoned. Martin Stream Road at 5am

Williams was scheduled , at the Haverhill District Court in Massachusetts later that day after his arrest on March 22 on suspicion of having a gun without a license to perform. Officers discovered the weapon in question after driving his car into a ditch along interstate 495.

  John Williams of Madison, Maine, accused of shooting a Sheriff of the Somerset County Sheriff.

John Williams of Madison, Maine Is Accused of Shoting a Sheriff of the Somerset County Sheriff

(Maine State Police via AP)

The alleged gunman had been released on bail as his deadly confrontation with Cole unfolded , The officers did not say what triggered the shootings, nor did they, as Williams suspected.

State and local law enforcement agencies flooded the region this week with a particularly massive police presence in Norridgewock, where the shooting took place. Somerset County Sheriff Dale Lancaster said more than 200 officers, including several from Massachusetts, assisted in the search efforts.

The FBI issued a $ 20,000 reward on Thursday for information that led to William's arrest Just minutes after a press conference in which Lancaster read out a statement to Sheriff Cole, the fallen officer's widow

  ] A resident of Norridgewock found the deputy Eugene Cole corpse of the Somerset County Sheriff after 7 am in her yard.

A Human Hunt in Norridgewock After 7 am, Somerset County found sheriff's deputy Eugene Cole's corpse in her yard

(Aroostook County Sheriff's Office)

"I urge Mr. Williams to engage themselves or at least to reach law enforcement agencies, "she pleaded. "Mr. Williams, rest assured that you will be treated in exactly the same way as Corporal Cole would have treated you if you had given him the opportunity, with dignity and respect.

" We just want you to talk to someone. Even after all you have gone through, everything we ask of you. Please talk to us. "

Cole's death is the first time a police officer in Maine has been shot dead in nearly 30 years and his funeral is scheduled for Monday, May 7 at 12:00 pm Sunday, May 6.

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