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Wake Up Call: Elon Musk's Secret Media Project | news

  Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, at the International Astronautical Congress in Mexico 2016.
Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, at the International Astronautical Congress in Mexico in 2016. Credit: Susana Gonzalez / Bloomberg

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What people talk about today
Hasta la vista on The most interesting man in the world. As Ad Age's E.J. Schultz reports that Dos Equis supplants his famous character. The beer brand replaced longtime star of the campaign, Jonathan Goldsmith, with French actor Augustin Legrand in 201

6, and since then "is no longer the same," as Schultz writes. The brand launches a new campaign from Droga5 titled "Keep It Interesante" which, according to Schultz, tells about "the kind of lies that could be told during a long night of drinking". A commercial brings together a series of crazy claims, including that Abraham Lincoln has a bottle of Dos Equis under his top hat. And also that Lou Ferrigno, the 70s and 80s star of the TV show "The Incredible Hulk", is the founder of the brand. Anyway. If you are sad and nostalgic about the old campaign, read the excellent story of Schultz from the archives of Goldsmith, the original most interesting man. The actor says, "He once saved a girl from drowning and rescued a man caught in a blizzard on Mount Whitney." Seriously.

Soup coup
Publicis Groupe seems to be on a winning streak. After acquiring businesses from Mercedes-Benz and Marriott International, it has become simply creative and media-driven for many Campbell Soup Co. brands. Publicis' victory is a blow to the Omnicom Group. As Ad Age's Jessica Wohl and Megan Graham write:

"The appointment marks the end of the relationship between BBDO and Campbell, dating back to 1954, making it one of the longest ad-agency relationships with advertisers. " 19659009] To put it another way, BBDO was Campbell's agency even before Andy Warhol began to perpetuate soup cans on canvas. This is a coup for Publicis.

The "Next Frontier"
Elon Musk keeps secrets. The Daily Beast reports that Musk, the billionaire inventor and blaster of rockets, has considered buying the satirical outlet The Onion in 2014. Now, the Tesla and SpaceX founder is funding a secret comedy project involving six former editors and reporters of The Onion. the report says. Musk does not give much, although he told The Daily Beast, "It's pretty obvious that comedy is the next frontier to electric vehicles, space exploration, and brain-computer interfaces, I do not know how anyone sees it." 19659012] Conspiracies
YouTube is under attack for conspiracy theories to become viral. As reported by Wired, YouTube boss Susan Wojcicki now says the platform will link conspiracy videos with links to Wikipedia articles that expose hoaxes. "People can still watch the videos, but then they have access to additional information," Wojcicki said in a lecture at South by Southwest. In one example, Wired cites a video that asks if people really landed on the moon would link to the Wikipedia page on the Apollo 11 mission. But, um, there are some problems here. How everyone can edit Wikipedia. And it is known to share his own mistakes and false reports. As a technology investor tweeted the approach of YouTube feels "similar to Silicon Valley's version of thoughts and prayers."

Minds Blown:
HBO and Giant Spoon agency created the SXSW experience that everyone talks about (and wait for hours.) Ad Ages Megan Graham has a behind-the-scenes look at "Westworld" -Activation, complete with a ghost town, actors and stiff drinks. Look at it here.

FYI: Chatbots "with overly cute personalities are mostly out there," Steven Melendez writes in Ad Age. They work best when they "lead people through simple tasks: asking a question or placing an order."

Say Thanks: Ally Financial Will Pay a Five-Digit Scholarship to Agencies That Will Make It to the Final Round "Lindsay Stein" by Ad Age reports on creative, digital and media reporting. In these times of constant cost cutting, that's a surprise.

It is confirmed: The next CEO of Vice Media is Nancy Dubuc, formerly of A & E Network, reports Jean Age Poggi of Ad Age. Founder Shane Smith Becomes Executive Chairman

Cyberbullying: First Lady Melania Trump brings together executives from Amazon, Snap, Facebook, Google and Twitter to talk about cyberbullying, reports The Associated Press. What's interesting, given her husband's affinity for hurling Twitter insults (remember Brzezinski, the "IQ Mad Mika," "Meryl Streep, one of Hollywood's overrated actresses," and LaVar Ball, "ungrateful fool"?) [19659003] Pause: At 10 o'clock today, Viacom says that all of his "networks and platforms regularly schedule scheduled programming for 17 minutes," in recognition of the 17 people who were killed during school in Parkland, Florida last month were killed. The break coincides with the Walkout movement of the National School.

Fox News Sues: Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich's family filed a lawsuit against Fox News "for a story about Rich and allegations that he was involved in a plot

Disabled for a queen: Actress Claire Foy, who portrayed Queen Elizabeth on Netflix's "The Crown", was paid less than her male co-star, The Hollywood Reporter says, but one executive producer says that "no one pays more than the queen for the future.

Creativity of the day: Oregon is a land of giant hares and whales that swim through the clouds in Wieden & Kennedy's Trippy Travel ad that clogs the charm of the state. "Ann-Christine Diaz writes in Ad Age that Fantasyland "was apparently pulled directly from the vault of Japanese animation genius Hayao Miyazaki." Read more and watch the spot here.

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