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Greeting card companies need a sympathy note.

Many people give out cards in favor of digital alternatives or simply send fewer cards between major holidays such as Christmas and Valentine's Day.

Now major retailers, including CVS and Walmart, are ready to reduce their cards, and greeting card companies have closed down hundreds of standalone locations.

There are encouraging signs in some areas of the business, including premium cards costing more than US $ 10, budget cards costing less than US $ 1, and personalized options.

But Kevin Hourican, president of CVS Pharmacy, told USA TODAY in an interview that the company has too much aisle for greeting cards. He said that the retailer, with around 9,600 locations, is moving more space on healthcare products after finding out that greeting cards are not selling well with an in-house analysis tool.

"More and more people are using text and e-mail and e-cards and fewer people are buying tickets, which is an area where the company expects a decline," said Hourican.

Walmart "thinks about what we put in stores," said the company's US CEO Gregory Foran "Do we really need the amount of linear footage we have in greeting cards?" He said earlier this month Conference Call

According to the greeting card, Americans still buy more than six billion cards a year, which did not provide more detailed statistics on trends in the industry.

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When it comes to greeting cards, the idea really matters. (Photo: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan)