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Warner Bros. boss ousted for relationship with actress, reports the report


The CEO of Warner Bros., Kevin Tsujihara, leaves the studio because he had a sexual relationship with an actress he had supported Scandal-rushed Hollywood moguls.

Tsujihara brings new upheavals from AT & T Inc. last year, underscoring the challenge of moving from a telecom giant to a media conglomerate. John Stankey, head of WarnerMedia of the company, announced the departure of Tsujihara on Monday and said the vicious leader had put the company at risk.

"It is in the best interests of WarnerMedia, Warner Bros., our employees, and our partners to resign Kevin as Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros.," Stankey said. "Kevin acknowledges that his mistakes are not consistent with the company's expectations regarding the leadership qualities of the company and could affect the company's ability to continue to run the business in the future."

The 54-year-old executive had an affair with actress Charlotte Kirk and helped her to get roles in movies. according to a report in the Hollywood Reporter. The magazine also claimed the relationship was linked to a $ 450 million film financing agreement to support films produced by the Burbank, California-based studio.

Stricter audit of the industry and its executives. The revelations took place the same week as AT & T gave the executive an expanded role in a management overhaul of WarnerMedia, the studio's parent company.

An earlier investigation of Tsujihara's relationship with Kirk, commissioned by Warner Bros., found no evidence of misconduct. The manager is married and has children.

Tsujihara, who holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Southern California and an MBA from Stanford University, was commissioned to head the studio in 2013 after years of work in the studio's home entertainment area

competing internal candidates with more experience in film and television due to his experience in digital and home entertainment headed the Warner Bros. The scandal ended his 25-year career in the studio.

The move also means that Time Warner's leadership has been completely redesigned since AT & T acquired the company last year for $ 85 billion. The company has not yet established a successor to Tsujihara, but WarnerMedia plans to announce a preliminary lead on Tuesday, Stankey said in a separate memo.

AT & T plans to work with an outside law firm to investigate Tsujihara In its collaboration.

The Hollywood reporter quoted hundreds of leaked texts and said Tsujihara had arranged meetings between Kirk and Warner Bros. executives working on film and television projects. Kirk appeared in two Warner Bros. films, "How to Be Single" in 2016 and "Ocean's 8" in 2018. She also spoke for other projects at Warner Bros. and Millennium Films, the publication said.

Kirk hit Tsujihara by Australian billionaire James Packer and producer Brett Ratner, two filmmakers involved in the financing agreement with Warner Bros. The Hollywood Reporter published a detailed exchange between Kirk and Tsujihara, asking about television and film roles. The text messages also referred to a sexual relationship between the British actress and Tsujihara.

Kirk confirmed that she had a romantic relationship with Packer – and communicating with Tsujihara and Ratner. However, she denied that the men did anything unusual. She also denied being the source of the leaked lyrics.

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