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Warning of treatment with liquid nitrogen


1; The FBI issues a new warning about a popular frozen treatment. It's called "Dragon Breath" because people can inhale and exhale the liquid nitrogen they contain, like a dragon!

Even the experts are learning about the treatment, also known as "Heavenly Breath" or "Cloud Nine." "But many teens are learning all about it and some have learned it the hard way.

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Thirteen years of old Alyssa Stone stood in front of Nitro Shack at Alderwood Mall.

"It just looked pretty cool," she said, "we just want to try it." "Why?" Because of the dry ice effect, "she said. 19659004] She agreed that she should try out Dragon's Breath for the first time.

She put one of the cereal puffs in her mouth and as she chewed, steam came from her nose and mouth. It's pretty good. "

And it's quite popular.

One worker grabbed cups for $ 8 cup of snack for avid customers .The draw is that the cereal balls are beaten in liquid nitrogen, which freezes them and lets steam out of your mouth s Essers leak.

But 30 minutes after a boy had eaten the takeaway in a mall in Florida, he suffered an asthma attack.

"It would not surprise me," Dr. David Naimi, an allergy and asthma specialist with offices in Seattle and Everett.

He had not heard of the treatment with liquid nitrogen. But he could easily list the dangers.

"Handling could cause burns if not handled properly," warned Naimi. "It sounds like you could swallow it, you could cause burns to the gastrointestinal tract, the esophagus, and the stomach, and when you've got asthma, there are two things wrong." # 1, it's cold air it is very cold, so if you have an abrupt temperature change or you breathe cold air and you have asthma, that could cause an asthma exacerbation.No.2 is liquid nitrogen.If you inhale the fumes, that is not recommended . "

Now, the Food and Drug Administration is alerting consumers and retailers to the possibility of" serious injury from eating, drinking, or handling food prepared by adding liquid nitrogen just before consumption at the point of sale. "

first purchase, the mug was very cold. But then the nitrogen evaporated quickly. And when the cereal ball was dipped in the sauce, he just tasted something sweet.

The potential dangers before the nitrogen dissolved were alarming to Alyssa and her mother.

"Oh, my God," Meredith Stone said, "OK, well, maybe we should not drink it or eat it."

The treat is sold in at least two locations in Snohomish County and two locations in King County. But it's also sold at fairs and festivals.

Health officials say they will inform and continue to monitor the owners of the FDA warning.

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