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Warren Buffett reveals the size of his huge new Amazon share

Warren Buffett announced a massive $ 900 million new share in the Amazon (AMZN) when Berkshire Hathaway (BRKB) submitted its last 13-F Wednesday.

X [19659003] The legendary stockbroking firm reported that it had bought 483,300 shares of the company led by Jeff Bezos at the end of the quarter ended March 31.

The Amazon stock got a shot in the towel earlier this month as Buffett revealed His company had taken a position in the ecommerce giant without revealing the size.

Amazon shares rose 0.2% late after trading 1.7% today at 1,871.15. Berkshire Hathaway's B-Class shares fell 0.3%.

Warren Buffett relies on these shares

However, this was not the only notable transaction that became known. The 13-F also said Berkshire had increased its JPMorgan Chase (JPM) share by 18% to 59.5 million shares. The Company's growing commitment to technology was also underlined by its Red stake (19459003). Hat (RHT) 's stake swelled by 22% to 5.1 million shares.

Warren Buffett's company apparently also pursued its famous buy-and-hold strategy with its approach to Brazilian payments. IPO Shares StoneCo (STNE). The company did not buy or sell any of its shares and retained all of its 14,166,748 shares.

StoneCo shares fell on the stock market Wednesday, despite a massive $ 200 million in gains and a $ 200 million share buyback earlier this week. [19659004] YOU WILL LIKE:

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