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Warren Lovefest ends as a 2020 competitor fearing her rise

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2020 Elections

Rival campaigns say she's got a free ride, but her Allies warn of these attacks will only backfire.

Elizabeth Warren's honeymoon could come to an end. Gate gave her the look of a second-rate candidate, and her Rivals have treated them as such, even as they rebounded from these early difficulties.

History continued below

But with the Massachusetts senator now attracting massive amounts and swings In national polls, the campaigns are gradually regrouping Warren and try to slow down their momentum.

Democrats are already opening new lines of attack: they call their acclaimed political proposals "Be wore "and urge them to voice their intentions to pay for a massive health car. The plan highlighted a lack of diversity in their supporters and dropped memories of Warren's long span as Republicans.

In interviews, assistants from three rivals confirmed that they are driving forward opposition research to Warren in preparation for the next debate on September 12. Still others complained in private that she had been badly treated in the media when she revealed a whole series of ambitious plans without being pressed for where the money would come from to pay for them.

Warren's supporters said that the handles are sour grapes from campaigns they did not take seriously until they were blown up in the polls, and they are now watching with envy the organization that has amassed them, while they attack each other.

However, Warren, who follows Joe Biden in many polls, has a harder track ahead of him.

"It is inevitable: what goes up must go down." It's the law of political physics, "said Dick Harpootlian, one of South Borse's top organizers of Joe Biden, about Warren's turn in the hot seat.

Your opponents are cautious not to alienate Warren followers who hope to win them over sometime. The liberal icon Bernie Sanders and Warren had long had a non-aggression pact, and various polls showed overlaps between the supporters of Kamala Harris and Warren. Biden, sitting up in the field, was busy warding off the brunt of the attacks.

But the deputies of these top candidates are beginning to speak.

The actress Susan Sarandon supports Bernie Sanders in Iowa. cast a shadow over Warren last week. "[Sanders] was not a Republican. He is not someone who used to take money from Wall Street or still take it. He's the real deal, "she said.

An adviser to a competing campaign who spoke on condition of anonymity repeated part of that feeling. If Warren attacks someone else's file in the debates phase, she will get it back.

"Nobody here was a Republican before," the counselor said.

Meanwhile, Harpootlian said billing was on Warren's map with political proposals.

"It's promised $ 50 trillion worth of benefits over the past 30 days." Your economy is fraud and someday someone will point this out. She is a multi-millionaire professor at Harvard. She can not fight 1 percent – she's one of 1 percent, "said Harpootlian.

Warren has provided most of the funding for their plans – from the promise to pay off the student loan debt to universal day care. would come from an "ultra-millionaire" tax of 2 percent on family income of $ 50 million or more.

Some of the onset bumps are more subtle.

Jeff Weaver, a Senior Advisor to Sanders, has been weaving Warren at the beginning of the month for lack of diversity among their supporters.

In the comparison of Sanders and Warren, Weaver on HillTV said: "Its base is much more diverse, much more working-class. Their base is much more university-educated, and so they currently do not really compete for the same pool of voters. "

Bakari Sellers, Harris & # 39; co-chair of the campaign in South Carolina, complained this week in social media how the press dealt with a story about campaign workers working in a hotel Nevada, which was part of a labor dispute.

"This is a great story and a horrible mistake by Warren & Biden, intentionally or not." We already know that the headline "Harris crosses the Culinary Union's picket multiple times" or " Harris accepts anti-union cash. "

In an interview, Sellers complained that Harris fought against sexism, racism" and the Russians, "while others in the race, including Warren, had a lighter ride, even on the debut stage.

"Elizabeth Warren got a passport in both debates," Sellers said, saying he believes Warren has denied the best campaign of the 2020 race, but added h in: "I think the biggest criticism of Elizabeth Warren is that she's unable to turn her plans into reality. There are many voters – especially black voters – who will say, 'Much of it is cake in the sky, and we want pie on the table. "

Democratic, hopeful Michael Bennet serving with Warren in the Senate slightly criticized her this week for her support for Medicare for All.

"We've already seen Sanders retire and it's time for Warren to do the same and join the fight for a public option," tweeted Bennet .

At first it was not exactly a rose-bed for Warren. Before she even entered the race, she was dismissed as unable to contact voters. A Hillary 2.0 waiting for it to happen. She began her biggest obstacle, her earlier Native American claims, in 2018 by publishing a DNA test before she signed on as president. This allowed some of the toughest hits to unfold outside the presidential race.

Her decision to give up fundraising for big money freed her to engage in her political platform and strategy. And, in general, there is less personal hostility between Warren and other camps: their employees, for example, have been careful not to get into social media with adjutants from other candidates; These types of glasses have exacerbated the tensions between other campaigns.

There's another dynamic that Warren has isolated so far. Sanders, the other progressive top candidate of the field, has taken the position that can only be gained by attacking her. Sanders repeatedly refused to go there.

"The progressive movement has a unique opportunity to win the nomination for the Democratic Party," said Jonathan Tasini, author of "The Essential Bernie Sanders and His Vision for." "I do not think we're doing anything should to undercut a candidate, because the combination of these two forces, whether Warren or Sanders, whoever wears the flag to the finish, could win the nomination. "

Adam Green, co The founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Warren has advocated saying an attack on Warren as a Republican – on the debut stage or otherwise – would only backfire. "Ironically, when other Democrats point out that this economic-populist hero is now challenging companies as well Credibility of being a former Republican, which would only teach voters that they are more eligible against Trump – that they are so l can appeal to the base and swing voters. That would be an absurd attack, "said Green. When asked about her proposal to impose a wealth tax to facilitate payment for a slew of new programs, Green said, "Debating with Elizabeth Warren about plans? Probably not a good move – period.

Warren has written some tough stories about her, including those who are investigating her time as a corporate lawyer. Donald Trump has also reappeared his "Pocahontas" attacks, promising that more is in store.

"I hit her really hard and it looked like she was sliding back and forth, but that was too long ago, I should have waited, but do not worry, we'll revive it," Trump said at the beginning of the interview

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, who supports Biden, said Warren avoided the kind of control that Biden pursued because she made a "mistake" -free campaign "and still has to be classified as a frontrunner

But Rendell said Warren would not get a passport in the next presidential debate, predicting that she would be pressured to pay Medicare for All.

"Elizabeth skilfully avoided To answer the question: "Would your health care proposal lead to a tax increase?" Rendell said. "She never answered the question … She did a great job to avoid that, she has to answer it now."

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