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Warrior, Kerr finalization lucrative extension

The Golden State Warriors are currently completing an expansion to make Steve Kerr one of the NBA's highest paid coaches, according to an ESPN report.

Kerr, 52, just completed the fourth year of a five-year $ 25 million deal he signed when joining the Warriors in 2014.

The team has 265-63 in its four seasons at the top, made four trips to the NBA Finals and won three titles.

Kerr has health problems that have forced him to miss games in recent seasons, including the first 43 of the 2015/16 season, when he had to deal with a serious back injury. But he and the Warriors Front Office predicted that they expected a new deal to be settled quickly.

"I do not think it will take long," Kerr said at 95.7 The Game earlier this month. "I want to be here, and Joe Lacob and Bob have made me realize that they want me here.

" I do not feel like going anywhere else, and I will not play this card and play it as such a free agent and all that stuff. I will train here for a long time. We will do something quickly here, and there will not be much fanfare. It will just happen and we will continue. [NBAheadcoachsalariesarenotnormallydisclosedtothepublicbutDocRivers'previouscontractaveragedeightayearayearbeforesigninganextensionwiththeLosAngelesClippersinMay

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is expected to make around $ 11 million a year.

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