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Warriors star Kevin Durant is already tired of NBA vacancy issues

It will be a long season for Kevin Durant.

The rumors about Durant's decision to leave the Warriors are widespread, with the Knicks mentioned as a possible target.

"I just want people who focus on basketball," Durant told Yahoo Sports after scoring 27 points in a Golden States 108-100 win against Oklahoma City. "Focus on what's happening on the field, I know it's hard to keep up with that, I know it's easy to look at this kind of [expletive] because it's the entertainment side, but wait until the season finishes analyzing [free agency] I know it's your job and it's hard to say that, but also try to shift your focus to the farm I know you Still doing your job and looking for such stuff, but every day, every city I go in. Come on, man, I said what I had to say on media day

"I understand your job, but come we come to a small agreement. Do not ask me every time you see me. If this is the first time I see you, I do not mind answering. But every time? Come on, brother.

The kickoff ̵

1; beyond the ordinary – for the opening night issues was the fact that the Warriors had decided to name Durant's name during the prelude introductions, which is usually reserved for Stephen Curry, and Durant's move was canceled by seen as a recruitment tool to defending champions.

"I do not need [to be recruited]I do not have to feel valued," Durant told the site. "I do not need anything extra [from the Warriors] .I am only here to win and win games, I already know what this organization is about."

The only drawback to Durant's perspective could be, as he was by the warriors is perceived. Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green were all members of the Warriors' first championship team, while Durant was the free agent brought forward after a final loss to the Cavaliers.

That's what Durant has won two titles and two NBA Finals MVPs in his two seasons with the Warriors, who are a clear favorite to win a third consecutive title. However, the feeling is that he will never be as appreciated as his three teammates.

"I do not know, what did you think?" Durant asked as he asked if there was an additional motive for his pre-game placement.

Durant has said nothing in public that this will be his last season with the Warriors. However, several national and Warriors writers have speculated that it feels like he's leaving.

Marc Berman of the Post has reported that Durant's CEO, Rich Kleiman, and his father are both Knicks fans. The team will have room for at least one maximum contract this off-season and have 82 games to show Durant that he could be the missing piece to make them a challenger.

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