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Warriors’ Steph Curry developed a leadership style by staying true to himself

The Warriors got off to a great start in the 2020 NBA Fantasy General Manager league for the Bleacher Report 2020, and created a three-team freeway robbery deal that brought Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart to the Golden State.

Just as the fake Warriors General Manager – Sean Jordan from Bleacher Report – started the week, he seems to have closed it even more impressively.

The 2020 NBA mock draft took place on Saturday and the Warriors got an A-Plus.

As part of the earlier three team trade, the Warriors dropped from # 1 in draft to # 3. This way, Jordan was still able to find out who Bleacher Report Lead NBA scout Jonathan Wasserman was classified as the greatest man in the draft ̵

1; Onyeka Okongwu from the USC.

“Okongwu would go well with Golden State because of its athleticism, engine, low maintenance, and defensive versatility,” Wasserman wrote when he gave this selection an A-Plus rating. “He would give the Warriors a rim protector that is mobile enough to change and operate the floor for simple baskets. But he has also become an experienced scorer that the Warriors can use halfway where he does a lot Space has worked in a lineup with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

“He’s number 1 on the Bleacher Report board, and the Warriors front office clearly had the same vision.”

Jordan explained that he simply cannot afford to forego everything Okongwu offers.

“Big O has a ceiling as high as any prospect,” Jordan told NBC Sports Bay Area. “I love his talent as a rim runner in the Warriors system. Just a physical freak with a lot of untapped potential.”

John Hollinger of Athletic recently wrote that Okongwu “seems to go well with Golden State,” and Wasserman and Jordan clearly agree.


Wasserman only issued four A-Plus grades for all 60 picks of the design. The warriors received half of them.

Jordan went into the draft with two picks from the second round, but combined them into a trade to advance to overall victory # 37, with which he selected Stanford security guard Tyrell Terry. Wasserman was also quite impressed with this selection.

“Skeptics question Terry’s lack of size and athleticism,” he wrote when he explained another A-Plus, “but his versatile shooting, feel, and matching IQ are perfect for the Golden State squad and system.”

Jordan made a comparison with another warrior guard by praising Terry’s abilities.

“I love his shot of dribbling, especially in the transition,” he said. “Legitim has shades of Steph [Curry] minus the handle. Do you think there is a world where he is the best shooter in this design and we all know how valuable this attribute is in today’s NBA. Remember, I was already trading Jordan Poole as part of the Marcus Smart deal earlier this week. I think Terry is a better shot than Poole. And the warriors need shooters. “

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Overall, Jordan Swapped Poole, Andre Iguodala’s trade exemption and # 1, # 48 and # 54 for Smart, Okongwu and Terry. This is, of course, a fake exercise, but if this were to happen in reality, Warriors fans would jump for joy – and rightly so.

The winning GM is due to be announced on Sunday. Don’t be surprised if it’s a fake Bob Myers.

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