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Warriors Vs. Raptors: 6/13/19 Final 6 betting odds, analysis, TV

Kevin Durant's last sacrifice brought the Golden State Warriors to tightest 106-105 win in Game Five, but now he can only watch the dubs in the last game of Golden State at the Oracle Arena without him against the next knockout game compete.

Here we discuss the game six odds and analysis from a betting perspective.

When: Thursday, June 13, 2019, 6:00 pm PST

Where: Oracle Arena, Oakland, California


Direction: Warriors -3, o / u 21


Injuries: Kevon Looney (collarbone) is likely and Kevin Durant (Achilles) fails for the Warriors.

Toronto Raptors

Just when it looked as if Kawhi Leonard would plunge the dagger into the hearts of the Warriors and DubNation, which could become one of the most depressing nights in Golden State's postseason story, Nick Nurse ended the Six-point break with the Toronto Raptors and three minutes left for the dubs to catch their breath and resume defense. They recovered from the defeat and let the NBA finals return to Oracle for another game.

Whether it was a by-product of defending the warriors or not, the Raptors shot .250 percent from the three-point span and Kawhi Leonard was held to reach .375 percent of the field goals, and it was not enough to make it to game five, though one can only expect these numbers to improve in Game Six become.

Toronto is led by Kawhi Leonard with 30.9 points, 1.7 steals and 9.2 rebounds per game, Kyle Lowry with 6.5 assists per game and Marc Gasol with 1.1 blocks per game in the playoffs.

  Golden State Warriors - Toronto Raptors - Fifth Game

Kawhi Leonard has made him the leading candidate for the MVP's final.
Photo by Claus Andersen / Getty Images

The Raptors are 50-54-1 against the spread (ATS), 54-50-1 against the Over / Under, 15-16 ATS after a defeat, 13-8 ATS as outsider, 10-16 ATS with 2-3 days off, 9-17 after loss, 14-17 after loss and 12-9 after loss / under this season as away outsider.

Toronto has an offensive rating of 114.9, a tempo factor of 96.6, and has been 3–2 ATS and 2-3 over / under, 13-10 ATS and 8-15 to the over / under in the playoffs.

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors received a clear boost from Kevin Durant's heroic eleven points in perfect three-point shooting in twelve minutes in the first half, but seemed as if they could not bear it and the lead towards the end of the fourth quarter allow the stubborn Raptors, only to be rescued by an inexorable and near-perfect finale three minutes before the Splash Brothers, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

Among the players who are playing for the sixth game are the Warriors of Stephen Curry with 28.5 points per game, Draymond Green with 9.7 rebounds, 8.3 assists, 1.5 blocks and 1.4 Steals per game in the playoffs.

  2019 NBA Finals - Fifth Game

Klay Thompson said he wanted to win for KD. Does he have another light-out-of-game six-performance in it?
Photo by Gregory Shamus / Getty Images

The dubs are 44-57-2 ATS, 50-53 over / under, 29-39-2 ATS after a win, 19-30-1 ATS as home favorites , 15-13 ATS with 2-3 days off, 21-29 up / down as home favorite, 14-14 up / down with 2-3 days off and 39-31 up / after a win this season below.

Golden State has an offensive rating of 108.7, a tempo factor of 96.6, and is in this series so far at 2-3 ATS and 2-3 versus the over / under, 9-11-1 ATS, 12- 9 to the over / under in the playoffs.


If Kevin Durant was not on the hardwood, the Toronto Raptors were the better team on both sides of the floor for most of this series. In these playoffs, the Warriors find consistently inconsistent defenses for the highest offensive rating of all series and stifle the Warriors-shooters in the lowest offensive rating of all series of these playoffs.

The Raptors have won most quarters in a series that would have been easy to win for Toronto. They have responded to almost every challenge the Warriors have set for them, defeating dubs in both games at Oracle. And now that KD is finally settled, it's no wonder that the Warriors -3.5 spread on some books has dropped to -2.5.

Considering how exhausting the fifth game must have been for the Warriors and expects the Raptors to improve their .250 percent three-point shots and The Warriors Fall Off Their .476 Three-Point Shots In the fifth game, we can only count on a close, physical aerial combat. If you turn a weapon upside down and force us to one side, we would probably score points with the Raptors, but we stay off the side in this competition.

While it looks as though the total wager on Toronto could be three points, one can not ignore the intangibles that favor Golden State.

  Oracle Arena has the highest average ticket prices in the NBA.

] The sixth game of the NBA finals will be the last Warriors game in the Oracle Arena.
Cary Edmondson – USA TODAY Sports

Oracle Final: This is the last Warriors game in the Oracle Arena, and the Raptors have defeated the dubs in three consecutive games this season at Oracle. Could Toronto beat the Warriors in their home for four consecutive games, including the grand finale? Of course. But will it be easy? Doubt it.

KD's Victim: Kevin Durant paid the highest price for his team and now the whole world has made the decision about where KD's heart was and where he's going. The warriors know for sure that KD will not go through that door, and so the hope for a cavalry that may have reduced the urgency is gone, and the warriors have the sober realization that they need to improve and be highly motivated without KD and galvanized to do anything to let KD know that his sacrifice was not in vain.

  2019 NBA Final - Game Five

Kevin Durant suffered a heartbreaking injury to help his team.
Photo by Gregory Shamus / Getty Images

Pressure increases, legs get tired : After the Raptors missed the chance to close them at home in the fifth game, this series returned to Oracle Das Game is associated with more pressure, increased suspicion and increasingly exhausting legs. This could favor the team that has played more players and more experience in the final, negatively impacting the team with less experience in the final and a shorter bench.

We have deep concerns that Golden State might be responsible for a disappointment in the sixth game, but frankly have no idea who will gain the upper hand due to the above-mentioned intangibles. We are confident that both teams will play as if their lives depend on it, with a high level of defensive intensity and physical play.

Although we often think about whether teams play their knockout game in their own home, the warriors should better watch the ball and do their best to defend this playoff. stifling coverage in game six.

Considering that NBA finals sometimes tend to slow down and slow down with each successive game and the corresponding increase in pressure and leg fatigue, we are once again abandoned after such an emotional game of siding with under 211.5 points as our best bet for game six.


What's your best bet for Warriors Vs. Raptors on 13.06.19 in Game 6?

  • 49%

    Warriors -3

    (110 votes)

  • 24%

    Raptors +3

    (55 votes)

  • 11%

    About 211.5 [19659057] (25 votes)

  • 14%

    Under 211.5

    (33 votes)

223 votes in total

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