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Warriors vs Rockets 2018 Results: Score, Highlights and Reaction of Game 7

Another big turnaround in the third quarter later, and the Golden State Warriors are in the NBA Finals and beat the Houston Rockets, 101-92 on Monday. Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green had a very slow start, but a big second half sealed the deal and now it's time for another final against the Cavaliers.

Durant had 34 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. Green had 13 rebounds and 10 points, while Curry ended up with 27 points, including seven threes. James Harden had 32 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists for the Rockets. Clint Capela played 37 minutes and had 20 points.

Green seemed to meet early and often for the Warriors on Durant's fall, especially in the first half. The only problem there is that Green did not play well at the time and had only 4 points out of 1

0, including four missed three who were not even close.

It was a poor first half of the game for most of the Warriors team. Klay Thompson had three personal encounters in the first quarter alone, while Curry scored only 2-6 from the distance in the first two quarters.

Houston had 14 points from Capela and Eric Gordon after the first half, plus 16 points from Harden. But things took a turn in the third case, as they often do. The Rockets missed 27 consecutive three-points and had a third nightmare quarter where they could see another lead.

The Warriors alone outperformed the Rockets 33-15 in the third quarter. The fourth quarter was closer, but the Warriors have done enough to always keep a 10-point lead, and now they are going to another stint in the NBA Finals.

Below you can see our live blog.

Warriors 101, Rockets 92 – FINAL

Gordon fools to start. Then Capela challenges Durant. Durant goes to the line and hits both free throws. Bad pass from Ariza, and this is over!

Warriors 99, Rockets 92 – 0:29 4Q:

Harden pulls 28 points with a step back jumper. Durant loses the ball on a Tucker Steal, and Draymond gets a personal. Tucker makes one of two free throws. Curry tries out of Faaaaar and he does not understand. Thompson gets a theft and throws him Draymond, who does the layup. Harden hits a layup, and the Warriors have a gunshot injury with 1:24 to go. Harden makes a layup. Curry missed a jumper at the end of the firing. Harden misses a three, Ariza misses one. Warrior-out!

Warriors 97, Rockets 85 – 3:15 4Q:

Gordon shoots after the time-out, and after a Durant miss, the Rockets get another, also from Gordon. They are here at the fourth run with 7: 0! Do the 7-3 because Durant beats a wide open three. Steal from Draymond, and Thompson lays down a three. Four minutes left. They check the Thompson three to make sure his foot was not on the line. They say it is, so it's a two, not a three. Livingston foul, and Capela misses the first free throw, but makes the second. Durant meets two long. They intentionally lazy Capela again. He makes one of two free throws again. Durant sinks a layup, and the Rockets take a break.

Warriors 89, Rockets 79 – 6:07 4Q:

Gordon misses three after the break for Houston. The Warriors take possession of the next ball and go to the end of the firing point before Durant releases a three with Harden in his face. Capela has hit a bucket before, and Curry has a shooting crime. Gordon misses the first free throw and makes the second. Curry beats a jumper, and Harden has a miss. Thompson gets the rebound and a Tucker foul for the Rockets. Curry misses a two and Capela gets the rebound. He brings it to Tucker, who hits a three. Finally! Warriors take a break.

Warriors 83, Rockets 73 – 8:27 4Q:

Thompson beats a jumper from the Draymond Assist to start the fourth. Harden sinks his own jumper and another turnover for the Warriors returns the ball. However, Tucker steps out of control and the warriors get it back. Curry makes a short bucket and Harden answers with one of his own. Harden misses the three after a Draymond foul. Curry misses a three, but Harden has a bad pass that Curry picks. Thompson sinks a three from Curry Assist. Curry leaves after a Gordon miss and Ariza misses another three. He is 0-for-8 threes. Yikes. Rockets take a break.

Warriors 76, Rockets 69 – END 3Q:

After the break, Warriors tie it up with a threesome from Durant. Harden misses a layup, Curry gets the rebound, throws him at Bell, who returns him to Curry after crawling around and another three for the Warriors who are now leading! Durant has a personal and Harden goes to the line. He hits both free throws. Warriors get the ball back and Curry hits a layup. Missed three of Ariza, and curry sinks three more. Several missed three of the Rockets, and it goes back to the Warriors, where Curry sunk three more. Curry picks up his third staff, and Tucker breaks the scorching drought for the Rockets. Durant is fouled and goes to the line where he makes both free throws. Gordon hits two and a dunk after Durant hits another bucket. End of the quarter!

Rockets 61, Warriors 58 – 4:34 3Q:

Gordon missed a layup, missed three of Green State's Green, missed three of Ariza and a young foul sent Tucker to the line. He hits one of two free throws. Green throws a good block on Harden, who refuses to be supported by him! Always chippy! Draymond hits a layup and Capela hits a layup. Curry makes three, and Durant gets a big block on Ariza. Curry has a turnover, stealing a Tucker, and we get another break.

Rockets 58, Warriors 53 – 7:20 3Q:

Harden misses a three to start the second half. Thompson misses a knight and Harden makes a layup. Looney gets a lay-up for Golden State, and Curry misses a three after a steal. Ariza misses a three, Capela takes on his second staff. Durant misses a three, then Gordon misses one. Green tips in a layup after his own rebound. Thompson gets his fourth staff. Thompson Miss, Looney Miss and then a Durant Three from the Curry Rebound. Looney gets an outlier and gets fouled by Harden. Looney misses both free-throw attempts, so it was a good foul. Tucker and Gordon miss three, and Curry takes another rebound. He gives it to Durant, who thinks of Young, who makes a three. Ariza misses a three for the Rockets, who take a break.

Rockets 54, Warriors 43 – END 2Q:

Another turnover of the Warriors, but Gordon misses the three. Curry beats a three and has only six points, the first half is nearing the end. Harden misses a three and the Warriors get the rebound, but Ariza steals him. Harden misses a three, Curry gets the rebound and throws it at Thompson, who sinks a three. Harden with a nice behind the back dish to Capela, who dives it again. Durant hits a jumper. Gordon pours it to Capela, who strikes a layup. Missed three from Thompson and then one from Harden. Curry gets the rebound and takes all the way for a layup. Harden and Curry miss both three. Durant misses a three. Gordon makes a layup right on the buzzer and we go into halftime with an 11-point HHouston lead.

Rockets 48, Warriors 33 – 4:53 2Q:

Curry gets a block on a Harden three, and Gordon misses the follow-up three. Capela finally hits a layup and Tucker has so much fouling. Thompson goes to the line and he misses both free throws. Harden with a steal and a dunk, and the Warriors take a break this time.

Rockets 44, Warriors 33 – 5:50 2Q:

A bad pass from Green leads to a Harden Steal, and then Thompson gets Harden's steal, but Curry misses the knight. Warriors get the rebound and Curry misses out on three. Capela gets another dunk for Houston, and Thompson sinks a three for the Warriors. Houston's Green makes three own and Livingston beats a jumper. Gordon beats three and Green makes a layup. The Warriors track at 14! Capela hits a layup and Durant makes a threesome out of Curry Assist. Houston Timeout

Rockets 34, Warriors 23 – 8:37 Q2:

Gordon misses a knight straightaway and Thompson hits a layup after Livingston's rebound , Tucker makes a hook shot for Houston. Durant misses a knight and Gordon hits a layup. Green misses a lazy three for Golden State and Gordon hits a layup. The warriors need to wake up sooner rather than later. Thompson hits a layup. We get some misses for Houston, and Tucker gets a dunk. Thompson misses a three, and Capela gets a dunk. Sloppy, sloppy play by the Warriors. They take at imeout.

Rockets 24, Warriors 19 – END 1Q:

Harden makes the other free throw. Looney chops it off the curry help. Ariza missed a jumper, Capela missed the lead and Ariza missed the lead. Warriors get the ball. Curry made some nice moves, but he does not take the shots he usually takes. Bad pass from Curry, and Gordon misses episode three for the Rockets. Green missed a three for Golden State, as the first quarter comes to an end.

Rockets 23, Warriors 17 – 1:30 1Q:

Livingston is cleared away by Ariza right away, and Green hits a lay-up for the Golden State. Harden beats a reverse layup, and Green misses a three for the Warriors. Harden gets the ball and gets 12 points in the game. Anderson fouls and Durant goes to the line. He meets one of the two free throws. Harden misses a layup, and there is a brief interruption when the firing clock was accidentally reset. Harden blocks a bell jumper and Bell gets a foul on it. Harden makes one of two free throws, and the warriors take a break.

Rockets 18, Warriors 14 – 4:03 1Q:

Durant misses both free throws once the game resumes. Capela goes to the line after a cook foul and misses both free throws. Ariza misses three, Houston's Green misses a three, then a jumper is missing, and Durant gets the rebound. He misses his own three. Golden State's Green also misses one. To add more missed threes for the Rockets. Finally, Livingston breaks the scorching drought for the Warriors and hits a jumper from the Durant help. Tucker beats a quick three for the Rockets., And Durant responds with one for the Warriors. Houston Timeout!

Rockets 15, Warriors 9 – 6:30 1Q:

And we're gone! The warriors get possession first and Curry misses a three. Looney and Thompson both foul, and Harden hits both free throws for the first points of the game. Warriors make a bad pass, and Thompson gets his second staff and Gordon's turn. He hits both free throws. Another green sales and then a Tucker sales.

Ariza fouls and Durant goes to the line. He hits both free throws. Capela is called to travel. Thompson comes up with a reverse layup from Curry Assist on the board. Durant misses a three after Harden misses a knight. Harden picks up the ball and drills a three for another Rockets lead. Durant beats a quick bucket and Curry steals Tucker and runs a 3 for a Warriors lead. Harden has an offensive foul, but another Warriors turn leads to a Harden Three and another Thompson foul. Harden misses the free throw. Curry misses a knight, and Gordon falls into a three for Houston. It's an 8-0 run for the Rockets after a Capela Dunk. Houston time out. Thompson already has three fouls!

The Houston Rockets have set a franchise record with 65 wins this season, reaching the NBA's best record. This gave them a home advantage in the playoffs, which spreads against the Golden State Warriors on Monday night at the Toyota Center in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals.

Each team won a road game in this series, so nothing is guaranteed. But Houston must appreciate their chances to reach their first NBA finals since 1995. The Rockets are 7-2 at home in this postseason.

Both teams have a starter with an injury in question. Chris Paul missed Game 6 with a thigh strain for Houston and Warriors striker Andre Iguodala has missed the last three games with a leg bruise in his leg. Your availability of game 7 remains to be seen.

To Paul, from the Associated Press:

"I think he will play as early as possible," D & # 39; Antoni said before the game on Saturday. "It's just not a matter of trying to outsmart, he'll play, and as soon as he can run and run, he'll do it." "It was not shot today."

On Iguodala: "It's a bone bruise, and These are difficult to predict, "Kerr said. "He can not play until he can walk without pain."

This is the first season in which the NBA Game 7 in each conference – final series since 1979, when the Bullets and Spurs fought the distance in the East and the Sonics and the Suns to the west.

Rockets vs. Warriors Game 7 info

Location: Toyota Center, Houston

Playing time: 9 pm ET


Announcer: Marw Albert, Chris Webber, Reggie Miller, David Aldridge, Kristen Ledlow

online stream: Watch TNT

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