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Was Alex Dunphy the Valedictorian in her high school? Here are some milestones for this character of the ‘modern family’

She may be a middle child, but Alex Dunphy, portrayed by Ariel Winter, definitely stands out from the other characters in ABC’s award-winning comedy series. The audience even saw her join Caltech and participate there.

What did Alex study in college? Was she the Valedictorian in high school? We know the following about it Modern family Character and some of its key milestones.

Ariel Winter (Alex Dunphy) from ABC's 'Modern Family'
Ariel Winter (Alex Dunphy) from ABC̵
7;s “Modern Family” | Tony Rivetti via Getty Images

Alex was her Valedictorian in middle school

The fans met Alex Dunphy for the first time when she was a young genius, excelled in school and far exceeded the standards of her siblings Haley and Luke. In fact, Alex Dunphy was the Valedictorian of her middle school and even addressed her class during her graduation.

Haley prevented her from delivering a brutally honest speech and began Alex’s high school journey with a high grade. According to Modern family Fandom learns during the episode entitled “Under Pressure” that Alex has taken AP Bio, Advanced Lit. and AP History.

When Alex reached high school, the competition got a little tougher. When she was older, her headmaster brought both her and her rival Sanjay Patel along to announce that they would be co-valedictorians. This, of course, was contested by Alex and her classmate, who both shared that their GPAs were 4,645923.

The two trained for a groundbreaking gym. However, after Sanjay admitted that he likes Alex, the two decided that it was okay to be a Co-Valedictorian. Alex Dunphy later headed the California Institute of Technology to continue her education.

Alex went to college in Caltech

Although she tried to choose between MIT and Caltech, she ultimately chose the prestigious California Tech School. There she studied according to biochemistry Modern family Fan base.

As Alex’s time at Caltech progressed, viewers saw her choose her first roommate and attend lectures. A lecture in which Haley stopped by ended with Alex’s professor named Professor Arvin Fennerman.

Alex didn’t gloss over the challenges she faced at this college, but she did graduate. She wasn’t the Valedictorian, but she was at the top of her class, as fans learned in the most recently released season of this comedy series.

'Modern family'
‘Modern Family’ | Kelsey McNeal / Walt Disney television on Getty Images

Alex Dunphy of “Modern Family” is now a college graduate

Aside from her academics, who are, to be honest, a big part of Alex’s identity, this character has shared some milestones with the other members of her “modern family”. That includes the moment when she became the aunt of Haley’s twins.

The fans saw Alex get her first kiss, go to the prom and even go on a family vacation. Now it’s time for Alex’s journey with it Modern family, and Ariel Winter’s journey with this character to come to an end. The 11th and final season of this Emmy award-winning series ends in 2020.

The Modern family Finale premieres on April 8th. Episodes of this series can be viewed on ABC.com. Fans can also see some of the cast members of this series in television shows and films Find Dory, Sofia the First, and Phineas and Ferb.

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