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Was Queen Elizabeth really behind the royal feud between Prince William and Harry?

For months, rumors of a feud between Prince William and his younger brother, Prince Harry, have been fierce. Fans and news media have been following their every move for quite some time, analyzing everything they do to see if it's a result of tensions between the two princes.

When Harry and Meghan Markle recently separated their household from William and Kate Middleton, rumors of a royal rift reached an all-time high. On Easter Sunday, usually a day of family reunion for the kings, it looked like the brothers were avoiding each other and having no interaction.

After Meghan and Harry greet their first son, Archie Harrison, allegations of feud have almost disappeared. But the question that everyone asks is why were William and Harry so divided? Did her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, actually stand behind the royal feud between her two grandchildren?

When did the rumors of the royal feud begin?

  Prince William and Prince Harry
Prince William and Prince Harry | Eddie Mulholland – WPA Pool / Getty Images

The rumors started in the fall, and as it turned out, the original claims were not about William and Harry at all. Instead, it was said that their wives were in conflict with each other, and many believed that Kate had a hard time getting used to Meghan's strong personality. Sources said that Meghan and Kate were very "different" people and that they really "did not understand at all".

Before we knew it, Meghan and Harry announced that they would be leaving Kensington Palace to live in a new house in the rural town of Windsor. When the royal sisters-in-law were warmly and cordially received during an engagement at Westminster Abbey, the rumors were quieted. The focus, however, shifted to Prince William and Harry.

Prince William and Harry were always very close.

The brothers grew very close to old age and always had an excellent relationship. They always understood each other wonderfully and supported each other while living their lives in the royal spotlight. The two princes suddenly lost their mother, Princess Diana, at a very young age. It seemed that William and Harry's relationship became even closer as they leaned on one another in one of the most difficult and tragic times of their lives.

Prince William was worried when Prince Harry was with Meghan Markle

Fans Could not have been happier when Harry and Meghan started their courtship and eventually got married. It seemed to be going pretty fast, especially compared to William and Kate's relationship. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had been together for seven years before announcing their engagement, while Meghan and Harry met for only two years before deciding to marry. Obviously, William was worried that the relationship was moving so fast and Harry's feelings were extremely hurt as a result.

Was Queen Elizabeth behind the royal feud between Prince William and Prince Harry?

The last thing royal fans want is any kind of tension between the two princes. The fact that they have argued at one point raises the question of whether the queen is actually behind it.

Her Majesty has apparently warned both grandchildren to carefully select their spouses as they no longer wanted a divorce in the royal family. Harry's grandmother was worried that his relationship with Meghan had developed so quickly and was not silent about her feelings. Is Queen Elizabeth the reason William did not approve of Meghan?

Although the feud may have been indirectly caused by the Queen's commentary, William only expressed concern because, like his grandmother, he loves and cares for his brother and the queen has not intentionally caused tensions.

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