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Was Taryn Manning, star of "Orange's the New Black," really hacked?

Orange Is the New Black Star Taryn Manning found himself on the news today after she beat the successful Netflix show and her castmates. In a long, sprawling Instagram post, Manning addressed the concerns she had with the show, its impact on her life, and how she was treated by her castmates. The fans were shocked only a few days after the release of the last season to read this harsh criticism. But shortly after the tremendous job, Manning claimed she had been hacked and picked up her remarks. But is this claim true?

  Taryn Manning star of Orange is the new black
Taryn Manning | Photo by Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images

Manning Slams OITNB

"This show has done me more harm than anything else in my life, and if I have to do that to force what I stand for, I will. I have to speak before anything happens to me. Fu * k fame! This show hurt people. You will never really know, but many were hurt! Imagine only those who have never seen you again. You think that felt good for her, "Manning wrote in an Instagram post that has since been deleted.

The Instagram Chimpanzee Continues

I was rejected by all because I have a backbone. I was dropped because one person terrorizes me every day, and so does she. So, my team, they just turn away. Like a car accident. Rubberneck, but do not help. Fu * k show business. A shame. Laugh away, I'm right and you know it. Any rude comments that I laugh about. Get out of my side if you do not like me. None of the performers cares about me, "Manning continued, evoking the lack of support she felt on the set.

Epically hacked?

Very soon after Manning published these cursing curses, she deleted the post and published a new picture of her and a comrade. "My account has been hacked so epic. I'm back and I'm sorry, "she wrote in the headline. She also took the time to update her Instagram biography to reflect the alleged hack. "My account is hacked and I'm sorry for these messages 🙁 I'm back now and was able to delete," Manning wrote, but was Manning really hacked or just trying to cover her tracks?

Something's not right

Of course, there is no way for us to prove that the actress was not hacked, but there are a few things that seem very lazy when claimed to have been hacked. There was a lot of very specific evidence and points of criticism that only Manning would have had if she had not been hacked by a close friend or family member with whom she shares all of her complaints information or peculiarities?

Another hole in Manning's story is the motivation behind the hack Do not pretend we understand the thoughts of hackers, but usually hackers publish private photos of celebrity, useless pictures or follow this I will not obey random people I will even threaten the celebrity and demand money before it starts to delete photos or videos. Apparently, this behavior does not exactly match what happened to Manning. The idea of ​​a hacker taking the time to hack into the actress's account, tinker with this chimpanzee and share it with Manning's 1 million followers seems a bit far-fetched.

The end of Orange is the new black

Again we will not pretend to really know the truth about the situation. If Taryn Manning was really hacked, we feel for her because the chimpanzee really has the power to hurt her career. Orange Is The New Black fans seem to be largely clear on whether they believe Manning's allegations that she was hacked. Thankfully, the show is over, so this scandal can not affect her tenure on the show. We will have to wait and see if this will have a long-term impact on their careers.

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