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"Was this place robbed?" Domino's eyesore tears customers

A customer of Auckland Dominos has had a stale taste in the mouth after the dismal state of the takeaway outlet kitchen.

Karlos Pomare did the video behind the scenes after a co-worker next door went to Indian dishes for dinner while his boss was phoning in the back of the store.

The footage published on the Glenfield Facebook Community Page Shows Pizza Boxes, Sauce and Drink Bottles, Garbage, and Food on the Floor

Other locals were so appalled by the confusion that they wondered what was happening was, with an entry "Ummm sure that they were not robbed again" while another wrote "Were they robbed or something?"

Dominos reduced the situation to a "time" when the only employee was busy cleaning.

Local Glenfield said he went to the Chartwell branch yesterday after 8.30 pm after placing an order online, which he saw.

"I went to pay for my m Eal first and I went in and saw the mess and thought to myself," What's going on here? "

He was told his pages were not ready, so Pomare said that the employee then leaked a side door to the neighboring Indian food stalls.

He watched his pages being ready and sat there for a few minutes.

"I was just looking back and this Asian was fulla on the phone, behind the stove … I said to him, "Sorry, my [sides] are ready that it's been sitting for three minutes now" and he said, "Oh sorry, sorry and looked around."

"I said" Oh, what's up "and then his buddy comes running in the door and [manager] goes where did you go? & He said," Oh, I was next door

Pomare said that was why no one had been in the video when he was filming.

He also said the two co-workers there were a third "back room."

"The refrigerator was open, there was sauce all over the floor, there were flies everywhere, it was just a mess, a complete mess.

"If you look, the fridge is open, and if you look through the stove, it just stands there on the phone."

He was shocked by the condition of the place.

"I have been to these dominos many times, and I was often born and raised in Glenfield, North Shore, and this is the first time in my life that I have come across this."

He said he was from the Third party shop has been contacted to get a refund, but he was not

"It's not the point, anyway, I do not want the money and all I want is to let people know that it's not right that your job looks like this. [1

9659002] "I just want dominos to do it, eh, it's not true."

However, a Domino spokesman said there was only one employee at the time who filled the fridge when a stack of pans fell on the table floor

"The video reflected a moment last night; The on-duty single team member stuffed the refrigerator when a few stacked pans fell off a bench. He immediately stopped what he was doing to collect cleaning supplies when the video was shot.

Despite the different version of the events, the company and the Glenfield franchisees admitted that they were "disappointed by the presentation of our local store night".

"The cleanliness of the business is important to us and is regularly provided by Domino and the municipal council. The Auckland City Council awarded the store an A rating at its recent inspection. "

The spokesman said it was an isolated incident and that the company has conducted rigorous training and food safety and handling inspections. Preparation areas are cleaned and disinfected at least every 90 minutes, all pizza cutters and tools are replaced with clean ones at the same time.

The company apologized to Pomare and invited him to the store to make amends and talk to the franchisee.

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