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Washington prepares to honor John McCain: The senator is said to be in the US Capitol in a state

While Republicans have the sole speaking role in the ceremony – with Mr. Pence, Kentucky's Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, and Wisconsin Paul D. Ryan, Speaker of the House Speaker – giving a speech – The Leaders of the Democrats will also participate. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the minority leader of the Senate, and Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the minority leader of the House of Representatives, will present wreaths if they pay tribute to them.

Members of the House of Representatives and the Senate are also to meet in the Rotunda, along with Cabinet officials, and finally members of the public, to celebrate Mr. McCain.

Mr. McCain meticulously planned to observe his death in the months before, in order to underline his message of unity over the split, an implicit rebuke to the President, with whom he vehemently disagreed politically and stylistically. Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. praised Mr. McCain at his funeral in Phoenix on Thursday, and President Barack Obama will do so on Saturday at a memorial service in the National Cathedral, where President George W. Bush will speak [19659004]. Pence, who, unlike Mr. Trump, is known to stay in the spotlight, is likely to prevent the process from turning into partisan territory.

But do not expect the break to take too long; Hearings on Mr. Kavanaugh's confirmation are scheduled for next week.

At that time, Pence and McCain combined spending cuts

Mr. Pence is a logical choice to speak at the Capitol ceremony for Mr. McCain, as the president is absent. Mr. Pence also serves as Vice President as President of the Senate.

But Mr. Pence also has a more personal connection with Mr. McCain, with whom he served when he was a member of the House. Together with a group of like-minded fiscal conservatives, they worked together in 2005 to force President Bush to devour drastic spending cuts to fund a $ 62 billion emergency relief deal. Hurricane Katrina

Mr. Pence was then the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, a group of conservatives in the House of Representatives who routinely warned against excessive spending. Mr. McCain was a seasoned senator who had branded his opposition to the issue of ear tags and what he called "pork," items that lawmakers would use to issue bills for strictly provincial projects.

Their styles could not have been any different. Mr. Pence was a fresh-faced religious conservative with the serious delivery of a radio host, Mr. McCain the sometimes irascible and profane outsider who liked to forge cross-party alliances. But her shared passion for fiscal restraint threw her into a fight that split her party.

The two would encounter other problems, notably Mr. Trump's efforts to lift the Affordable Care Act, Mr. McCain, despite a personal objection from Mr. Pence in the Senate. But the Vice President has been extolling Mr. McCain since his death, something Mr. Trump has rejected.


John McCain: The Making of a Maverick

A look at the formative times and the turmoil shaped a historic American figure with Carl Hulse, the Times' Washington correspondent.


Photo by Stephen Crowley / The New York Times.

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McCain loved arguing. His colleagues will miss it.

Crabby. Quarrelsome.

Recognizing McCain's years of service, members of Congress welcome his work ethic, his passion for the civil service, and the temperament that almost all of them have experienced.

Expect the honors of Mr. McCain. McCain in the Capitol, to mention more than a few references to his curdmudgeonly mien, his mischievous sense of humor and his seemingly constant readiness to liaise with another legislator on or near the Senate. Biden talked about Mr. McCain's zeal for a heated debate during his eulogy on Thursday, and lovingly recalled, "when you saw the pure joy in his face as soon as he knew he would get up and step into the Senate stage and begin A fight, God, he loved it. "

HR McMaster, Mr. Trump's former national security advisor, said Mr. McCain was "in a mood." But, he added during an interview with MSNBC, "This temperament was always aimed at those whom he might hinder, really, what America should"

It was a page from Mr. McCain that he used during his last speech In the Senate Hall, just before he broke with Mr. Trump, he objected to the repeal of the health bill. "We're not doing anything, my friends!" Mr. McCain said then, his voice getting louder. "We do not get anything done."

Mr. McCain admitted in this speech that sometimes he "made my passion over my mind," or "made it harder to find a common ground because I said something harsh to a colleague."

This week many of his former colleagues remember these tense moments as honorary badges.

An Absent Commander-in-Chief

The ceremony in honor of Mr. McCain will recognize him as a war hero and loyal supporter of the military during his years in Congress. But the commander-in-chief will be strikingly absent and create a stark contrast between a grieving capital and a president whose attention is elsewhere.

The dissonance surfaced on Thursday afternoon when live coverage of Mr. McCain's coffin was loaded into a government plane in Arizona and flown to Washington mingled with a presidential tweet of a video that Mr. Trump's victorious election night in November 2016 relived. The video contained excerpts from news commentators and public figures predicting he would lose, and newspaper front page images the morning after he won.

It went on Thursday night when the arrival of Mr. McCain's coffin at Andrews Air Force Base outside of Washington coincided with Mr. Trump's election campaign in Evansville, Ind.

Mr. Trump is said to be in Charlotte, North Carolina on Friday to attend a retirement salary and fundraising at a country club, far from the gloomy Capitol ceremony. That was Mr McCain's wish and proof that Mr. Trump has distanced himself from the historic manners of the presidency.

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