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Washington relies on Trump to balance the shutdown deal

The drama provided an eloquent snapshot of immigration political forces that shook the cohesion of the Republican Party.

Down at the border, Trump was in oversized form, and his dubious claims to immigration were shot down as he violently set Democrats on fire for new attacks on climate change and abortion.

In Washington, under the Capitol dome, Republican legislators carefully worked with the same Democrats on an institutional Washington compromise anchoring Trump's conventional policies.

It was not clear what will happen next. But when Trump enjoyed the embrace of his adoring, partisan people, it is quite possible that he will return to the White House with eaten instincts.

  The negotiators say they have, in principle, reached an agreement to prevent the shutdown of the negotiators

In his 15-minute speech, Trump held The Democrats high and repeated the false claim that the nearby wall has greatly reduced the violent crime of the city. But the president told the audience that he had decided not to hear the details of a bipartisan deal to prevent a shutdown before he climbed onto the stage. If he really knew exactly what was going on, he could not bring himself to describe what seems to be a huge disappointment on paper.

That in itself was an indication that there was no famous victory over and about the agreement reached in Washington, which contains only $ 1.375 billion in barriers and no wall, far below the president's demands $ 5.7 billion back to fund a campaign promise that has almost mystical influence on its basis.

He might have dodged the question on Monday night – but Washington is waiting for an answer. What will the president do next?

Will he break the congressional agreement and stand by his most loyal supporters by refusing to sit on the wall? Or will he accept the compromise that could prevent a repeat of a government shutdown that has politically violated him?

He seems to keep his options open.

In order to accept the agreement reached in the persistent Congressional negotiations, Trump must attempt to make a clear loss for profit – a tactic he apparently hinted at during his rally.

When his crowd launched "Build the wall," Trump tried to look for a way out: "They really mean 'shut down the wall,' 'because we built a lot.'

The President said he I heard from adjutants before the rally that a deal had been made, but he did not want the crowd to wait in.

"I could have stayed out there and listened or to the people of El Paso in Texas come. I've selected you, "Trump said," maybe progress has been made, maybe not. "

But details have already been filtered out of the talks in Washington over the form of Monday's deals, and it's hard to believe the President would not have been said if the result had met his demands that sparked the longest government shutdown in history at the end of last year.

He also declined to comment on details in an interview with the company Fox News expert Laura Ingraham, who has been proven to have an impact on immigration issues, was executed prior to his rally.

"Many things have changed. I can not go into detail – I just heard it. He came to you very quickly, "Trump told Ingraham.

He emphasized the extent of his dilemma and began mobilizing his Conservative allies in parliament against the deal [1965-90] "While the President in El Paso concluded that Congress had a bad agreement on immigration," co-founder of House Freedom Caucus, Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, tweeted

Finding a Way Forward

Conservative media coverage will certainly be a deciding factor.

If ratings stink, the president could be encouraged to take a third-step executive power forward to fund the wall.

At his At the rally, he also seemed to hold that option open.

"We're called the stage," said Trump, adding, "We need the wall, and it must be geba ut and we want to build it fast … walls save lives.

Monday night in El Paso also provided a foretaste of what would come in. Former MEP Beto O & Rourke, who is from the area and is considering a presidential campaign for 2020, made another rally like this close to Trump's event was that participants could catch a glimpse of the president on a giant screen outside.

"Let's show The country there has nothing to worry about when it comes to the border between the US and Mexico O Rourke said, "The eyes of history, the judgment of the future … will look back on this moment."

Meanwhile, the President remained uninteresting and reiterated his false claim that even by El Paso Republicans were unmasked, a section of border wall was responsible for a massive slump of violent crime in the city.

"They are full of crap when they say that there is no big difference did, "said Trump at the rally.

"Security is the birthright of every America, so we need to finish the wall."

Should Trump declare a national emergency for reprogramming funds for the construction of the Wall, he could quickly face legal obstacles and Republican senators worried about how a future democratic president could use such far-reaching precedent.

But Trump would be able to maintain the crusade for a wall and dismantle Republican support for the project for political capital.

Available options?


An option for the White House would b We accept the Congressional Agreement – but then try to use the executive power to find other funds elsewhere to unilaterally establish new frontier barriers.

A full conclusion of the agreement between the Republican and Democratic legislators from the House of Representatives and the Senate is still pending. However, the first signs are that they are lagging well behind Trump's claims, which triggered the longest government shutdown in history in December and January for a 200-mile masonry or steel fence on the US-Mexico border.

Sources said The Blueprint allows $ 1.375 billion in border posts, but includes a ban on concrete walls and allows only the use of "existing technologies" in border barriers.

Nonetheless, Democrats have called for an upper limit on the number of places in detained detention centers for undocumented migrants who had stopped the talks over the weekend.

The party had sought the restrictions to handcuff Trump's zero-tolerance policy, undocumented migrants – including those without criminal records.

The coming hours will be crucial to the hope that the President could sign the deal. As the preparations for the start of the government deadlock in December showed, he can be heavily influenced by the events in conservative media.

But Congress has done its job.

"It's one minute before midnight and they have barely averted what was really embarrassing," said David Gergen, a senior CNN analyst who used to be the multiple Democrat and Republican president.

"We should thank them … and say," Mr. President, the next step is up to you, "he added.

Manu Raju, Phil Mattingly, Jeff Zeleny, and Dana Bash of CNN have to contributed to this report.

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