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Watch a Kangaroo Rat Ninja Kick of a Rattlesnake in a dramatic Slo-Mo video

If you like action movies, you'll love the videos researchers have made of sporty kangaroo rats dodging bat snake strikes. It looks like a mix of Parkour and Ninjutsu. The rats can jump, kick and get out of danger.

A student-led team from the University of California at Riverside, San Diego State University, and the University of California at Davis set up high-speed cameras. See how North American desert kangaroos deal with rattlesnake attacks. The slow motion material is amazing.

"The resulting videos provide the first in-depth look into maneuvering kangaroo rats against a deadly predator," says the University of California Riverside.

These jerks are very useful for kicking rattlesnakes and striking off the rats with impressive jumps.

The team discovered that while rattlesnakes could strike and reach a rat in less than 1

00 milliseconds, the rats had typical response times of about 70 milliseconds. This small margin is enough to escape the dinner.

The researchers also found that some rats that were not fast enough were still able to avoid snakes by realigning the mid jump and reptiles. Rulon Clark, a professor of biology at San Diego State University, calls this "ninja style."

The researchers released their findings Wednesday in the Linnean Society's Functional Ecology and Biological Journal.

For more information about these lively rodents, visit the NinjaRat website of the group.

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