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Watch as the Mars 2020 rover performs a bicep curl with an 88-pound tower

The tower of Mars 2020 weighs so much as it is equipped with HD cameras and an extensive collection of sensors and scientific instruments, including a percussion drill and a core drilling mechanism. While Mars gravity only accounts for about 38 percent of our planet's gravity, the ground team has made sure that the arm is strong and strong enough to do its job, and constructed with five electric motors and five joints.

The rover's arm and tower must be in synch because they work together on Mars. They will be responsible for scratching, analyzing and collecting samples of interesting geological structures. Each rock or soil sample collected by them will be returned to Earth by a future mission.

Dave Levine, integration engineer for Mars 2020, said:

"This was our first opportunity to watch the arm and the tower move together to make sure everything worked as advertised ̵

1; nothing blocked or to others Way Disrupted Smooth operation of the system: When you stand there and watch the arm and the tower making their moves, you can only wonder that the Rover will be in space in less than a year, and that is exactly what Mars will do in less than 20 seconds will run two. "

If everything goes according to plan, the Rover will leave for Mars in July 2020 and start in February 2021. You can see the arm test of the rover below:

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