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Watch: New & # 39; HSC Viewer & # 39; allows visitors to access Subaru Telescope images

. 8 March (UPI) – The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan has released the HSC Viewer to facilitate public access to observing the Universe through the Subaru telescope and its Hyper Suprime camera.

"The viewer has been designed to familiarize the general public with the latest and most extensive HSC data," astronomer Michitaro Koike said in a news release on Thursday. "I hope you enjoy exploring the Universe watching the Subaru telescope."

The Hyper Suprime Cam Subaru Strategic Program, a study of billions of galaxies, is conducted by NAOJ in collaboration with the Kavli Institute of Physics and Mathematics of the Universe in Japan, Taiwan's Academia Sinica Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics and Princeton University in the United States.

HSC-SSP scientists have published two records published in the survey. Now scientists have provided the public with an easier way to access and explore the data.

Subarus Hyper Suprime-Cam can capture both optical and infrared images. After completing the HSC SSP survey, astronomical data will be collected over 300 nights.

"Since 201

4, we are watching the sky with HSC, a high-resolution wide-field camera," said Satoshi Miyazaki. lead HSC-SSP scientists. "We believe the release of the data will yield many exciting astronomical results, from exploring the nature of dark matter and dark energy to asteroids in our own solar system objects and galaxies in the early universe." In addition, we hope that interested Members of The Public will also access the data and enjoy the real universe mapped from the Subaru telescope to Maunakea. "

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