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Watch: The Most Interesting Characters in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is known for its high octane adrenaline game. The “fun” element has always been critical to the dynamics of the game. The Battle Royale format only makes it more competitive. However, Apex has the edge over others when we compare it to all the other top BR games.

The game retailer recently made a video discussing and showing some important aspects. He started listing all the legends and separating them according to who is more fun to play with. While it varies from person to person, some characteristics of these characters appeal to everyone. On the other hand, some don̵


However, we can unanimously agree that the list he creates depends heavily on how creative we can be. This is also limited by the capabilities of these legends. Some of them have no exciting skills, while others abound.

The most interesting legends in Apex Legends

The game dealer made his list and divided it into five levels. The top level (S) was for the legends that are the most creative to play with. One can think of this list differently; but that’s no less fun.

Starting with Loba, he explained how some characters are only blessed with speed. Agility and fast movement as well as skills automatically make it fun to play with these legends. What we are looking for is creative. Who can you be the most creative with? In this regard, a player can only get as creative as the character allows.

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The legends that spice up the game

On the top level there were definitely Mirage, Octane and Pathfinder. Without a doubt, these three deserve the highest place in this category. Loba, Bloodhound and Caustic follow. All three have a skill with which the player can exercise creativity.

The last three levels had top quality legends, no doubt that they were match winners. However, if the comparison amounts to the element of “fun”, they do not qualify. Wraith or Lifeline lack the “creative skills” of other legends. Still, that’s his perspective, what’s yours?

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