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Watch the sky: Jupiter in the opposition

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Last week was an exciting week for star gazers when the comet NEOWISE brightened the morning sky. The comet is now visible in the northern latitudes in the evening sky, so that the non-early risers can see it.

If you are traveling after sunset the cometYou can also take a look at Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter will come into opposition on the night of July 13th, which means that the earth is between the sun and Jupiter and Jupiter is directly opposite the sun. This event takes place about once a year.
Make sure the sun goes down in the west while Jupiter rises in the east. Saturn will be near Jupiter, but not nearly as bright.

The moon will fly past Venus in the early morning sky all week. The moon and Venus are the second and third brightest sky objects in the night sky, so that both are very easy to see. To see the couple, look east about an hour before sunrise. Mercury will be visible on the horizon, but binoculars are likely to be needed to see them.

After finding Venus and the moon in the east, turn around and look west to see Jupiter and Saturn sink back down.

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