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Watch “Tiger King” in Korea and train alone for baseball

“I can’t imagine what it is like for boys in the United States. They have No Idea now. What exactly are you doing Do you take time off? Are you trying to keep going It’s such a wild time. “

If the season started with games without spectators, it would greatly suppress the atmosphere in a league known for sustained singing and singing by fans regardless of the score. But, Brigham said, the league would still be an attractive alternative for American fans craving baseball.

“I understand there’s a lot going on and it̵

7;s terrible,” said Brigham, who is starting his fourth season in the league. “But the K.B.O. wanted to increase their presence worldwide, and if they can do so safely, there is a real chance for Korean players to achieve this global presence so that people can understand that there are some incredibly talented people in this league. “

Some major U.S. leaders have traveled to South Korea and returned with a higher profile, such as Washington Nationals first baseman Eric Thames and pitcher Josh Lindblom, who signed a $ 9.125 million three-year deal in December after winning the KBO Milwaukee Brewers had signed Most Valuable Player Award.

But the league also has emerging South Korean stars – Brigham mentioned teammates like shortstop Kim Ha-seong and center fielder Lee Jung-hoo – who could one day be key leagues. In a season like no other, they could be more than just an occasional Twitter curiosity.

“The foreigners, we had our chance, we all played mostly in the big leagues,” said Brigham. “I am here to take care of my family and I love the opportunity. It was incredible.”

He added, “But for the Koreans, if they can get American fans to really see them, not just for the occasional bat flip that pops up Pitching ninja“He added, referring to a popular baseball Twitter account.” It could be really good for these guys. “

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