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Watched players have already discovered secrets on the new map of Havana

With the latest update for the Overwatch PTR on April 18th, the new escort card Havanna has been introduced to players for testing and they are already discovering secrets that the site holds.

The new map was previously only available on the Overwatch Storm. Rising Archives Event's PvE mission has now been unlocked for the PTR to prepare for its arrival on the live servers.

Since then, players have searched every inch of Havana's streets and structures for bugs and errors, exploits and even useful hidden objects.

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As players walk up and down the streets of Havana, more secrets will surely be revealed.

Secrets in Havana

Even though some in the final version would be really fantastic, others seem to be strange patches that make them look like Easter eggs waiting to be discovered.

A video from Redditor & # 39; name-exe_failed & # 39; shows that the escort card has some health packages that lie on some rocks just past the Don Rumbotico distillery.

A pack barely bumps out of the divet between the two stones, but after getting used to the edge of the cliff, sees another pack of health peeping out from under the pile of stones.

A deeper look The escort card reveals more secrets

A separate video from & # 39; Zezombye & # 39; shows another health pack hidden deep in the map. The player could even hack him with Sombra, as opposed to the other two, who were from & # 39; name-exe_failed & # 39; were found.

Although Sombra has been able to assert its influence on the health package, it is highly questionable that an enemy would pass by

The latest discoveries come just a few hours after the inclusion of Havana in the PTR. It is therefore not clear which players could be found in the coming weeks of testing for the new locale.

Between Havana's PTR debut and integrating with the main game, players can expect many changes and bug fixes as the developers prepare the card for primetime.

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