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Watching is the new game

You watch your favorite twitch streamer try to survive an intense multiplayer deathmatch, and things do not look great for them. You're huddled in the corner of a bleak, snow-covered battlefield, with only a little health left, and your only option is to sit and watch them be eliminated. Or is it?

  Photo credits: Scavengers Studio "/ = <span class= Photo credits: Scavengers Studio

Pressed on the computer screen, you click on an icon hurling a rocket launcher out of the digital sky with this Hail Mary the once fated streamer took first place and you were a part of it.

This is how the future could look like when watching games on Twitch

The Amazon-owned streaming giant, currently in its 15th year Offering millions of active viewers a day and more than 2.2 million broadcasters has long been established as the best place to watch people play video games, but powerful new twitch technologies will not passively consume game broadcasts – you will to be an active participant in them.

When watching plays

To discuss the development of the platform, put I joined Amir Shevat, Twitch's Vice President of Developer Experience, at the company's office in San Francisco. Here, Shevat realized the power of interactive livestream during an unusually loud working day. [194559006]  Amir Shevat, vice president for developer relations at Twitch. Credit: Twitch Amir Shevat, Vice President of Developer Relations at Twitch. Credit: Twitch

"I sat there making my papers, and I heard [people] behind me," Wow! Yes! Oh my god! & # 39; "And I get all this FOMO," said Shevat.

"So I go to this room and see a team of Twitch staff really cheering for a game [for]," he added. "And what I found is that it was not a normal game, it was the Darwin Project, and they could vote on who should be killed or where the Nuke Zones are."

The Darwin Project is on A great example of the potential of Twitch Extensions, a set of streamer tools that allow viewers to interact directly with broadcasts. In Scavengers Studio's "Hunger Games" survival game, viewers can vote to close certain areas of the map, initiate a search for a specific player, or even order an air raid to drive away the participants is just as (if not more) ) to have important as a quick finger.

"These are the games we will see in the future: a world in which viewers are indeed active participants." – Amir Shevat, Vice President of Developer Experience, Twitch

"With the current state of the art, there is no reason why video games [can’t] are turning around and creating an experience in which to be able to discuss, seduce, convince and to convince actually the gameplay is, "Darwin Pr oject creative director Simon Darveau said over a Skype call and noted that the game was streaming from day one.

One of Darveau's key inspirations for the Darwin project was the 2014 Twitch Plays Pokémon phenomenon, in which more than 1 million viewers jointly controlled a Pokémon game by entering special commands in the channel's chat room.

 Darwin Project lets viewers vote on big game events. Credit: Scavengers Studio Darwin Project lets viewers vote on big gaming events. Credit: Scavengers Studio

"When I saw Twitch Plays Pokémon, I thought that if the audience was really able to change what's going on in The Game, and then the crowd in their favor, it could actually make a lot of sense Become what you can achieve, "said Darveau." One hundred percent, this is the future of the video game industry. "

Extending the Twitch Experience

In retrospect, Twitch Plays Pokémon was a harbinger of how interactive the platform is in the video game industry At the time of writing, there are about 150 twitch extensions, and according to Twitch, more than 2,000 developers have signed up to create more.   Overwolf's PUBG-Stats extension. Credit: Overwolf / Twitch "title =" Overwolf's PUBG stats extension. Credit: Overwolf / Twitch "/> <span class= Overwolfs PUBG statistics extension Credit: Overwolf / Twitch

Some extensions consist of simple stat overlays that help you better understand the power of a streamer in games like Fortnite and Destiny 2 Others, such as Darwin's Project Spectator Experience, allow viewers to become active participants in the games they watch, but they all share the common goal of making Twitch more than just a place for passive entertainment.

"Me guess, at the end of the day, we want each game to have an official expansion, "Shevat said, adding that many of the content you see on the twitch page of a streamer – including links to social media channels and personal websites – Become more interactive over time.

There are already some live examples of these add-on types, including a Spotify extension that lets you see what music a B roadcaster rocks or an Amazon extension that lets you easily buy the favorite PC parts of your favorite streamers their channel.

"A channel is like an iPhone without apps, if it has no extensions," said Shevat. "And then you install all those enhancements that make it as great and valuable as your phone."   With the Gear on Amazon extension, you can buy PC parts directly from a Twitch page. Credit: Twitch With the Gear on Amazon extension, you can buy PC parts directly from a twitch site. Credit: Twitch

This level of interactivity is only part of the puzzle for Twitch. The company's new Twitch Drops This feature allows you to post games like Warframe and Smite for games like Warframe and Smite, and Twitch also wants to combine Extensions with Bits, the premium currency from Twitch, to "cheer" on your streamer of choice. can

"So, an example is, you have an extension that is your avatar, and people can contribute to that avatar with swag – put their own name or cap on it," Shevat said. "You can use it bits to provide experiences that were previously not possible. It connects with [the idea that] everyone should be a participant in the visual experience."

The future is interactive

Interactive broadcasting does not just influence The Way We Watch People Playing Video Games But It Also Invades Sports

Last September, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was quoted as saying he wanted the NBA to look more like Twitch Twice a few months later, Twitch hosted a series of NBA G League expansion games that allowed viewers to upload stats from any team or athlete directly from the site's video player – a level of immersion you just can not get away from Watching the action on television   A look at the interactive broadcasts of the NBA G. League: Twitch A look at the NBA G League interactive e shipments. Credit: Twitch

"It will be interesting to see how other sports look at Twitch and how it inspires them," said Chase (Chase only), Twitch's PR director.

As Twitch develops, video games evolve with you. Games like the Darwin Project would probably look very different (or even fail) in a pre-streaming world, and Shevat expects developers to create more and more titles with broadcasting.

"Every game [developer] should think about it: I build for Windows, I build for Xbox, I build for Twitch," said Shevat. "That's the model we really want to work with."

It's a model that has been fully accepted by people like Darveau, who stated that he expects viewers' interactivity to be an integral part of modern games.

"There is – and this is a very conservative approach – 20 times more people seeing people play than people playing any game," said Darveau. "Playing without a viewer will someday feel like sitting on a computer these days and there is no internet."

"Playing without viewers will eventually feel like sitting on the computer and having no internet anymore." – Simon Darveau, Creative Director, Darwin Project

You can already see Twitch's footprint in a variety of big and small titles. Overwatch awards special in-game tokens to players watching the Overwatch League on Twitch. The digital card game Superfight allows Twitch viewers to vote over stupid arguments about fictitious character combat. Survival name S.O.S. is basically an online reality show that is consumed from the ground up by a live audience. The list goes on, and according to the look of things, it will only grow.

"[These are] the games we see in the future: a world where viewers are indeed active participants," said Shevat. "I think we're reinventing the streaming."

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