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Water heater could have emitted gas killing Iowa family

26th March (UPI) – A water heater could have been the source of the gas leak that killed a four-headed Iowa family found dead in a Mexican hotel, officials said Monday.

An inspection over the weekend determines the water heater in the rented condominium in Tulum, where Kevin Wayne Sharp, 41; Amy Marie Sharp, 38; and her children, Sterling Wayne Sharp, 12; and Adrianna Marie Sharp, 7;

"Evidence suggests that gas leakage has been the cause of the deaths of four family members in Bahia Principe de Tulum, Quintana Roo, and it is already being investigated in what facilities what has happened and who is responsible is, "said prosecutor for the state of Quintana Roo of the Mexican peninsula Miguel Angel pitch.

Bad luck said that a "high concentration" of toxic gas was found in the room, adding that the gas leak was caused by lack of maintenance or overuse.

Quintana Roo Director of Civil Protection Adrian Martinez said the Des Moines Register's condominium meets all regulations.

Martinez added five people were evacuated from rooms in the affected apartment after the incident.

Autopsies revealed that the family died of suffocation and was 36 to 48 hours dead when their bodies were discovered on Friday.

Forensic samples were sent to labs in Mexico City The day officials try to identify the gas over the next 1

0 days, pitch said.

Relatives of the family are waiting to complete funeral preparations until their bodies are returned to the United States

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