Holmes & Watson is one of the worst rated films of all time. It currently has a value of 9% at Rotten Tomatoes. Movie stars John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell, and it was expected to be a fun reunion after the two stars killed Step Brothers. Instead, they may have delivered the worst movie of their career. The film, which went back to Christmas, attracted $ 6.4 million and is expected to earn between $ 1

8 and $ 20 million during its run. The budget for the film was 42 million US dollars. Deadline, Screen tests for the film were so catastrophic that Netflix did not even want to record the film.

Sony tried to offer the movie to the streaming giant instead of placing it in theaters, but Netflix insisted. There is great content on Netflix, but the site also contains some movies that are not even worth a trailer view. The fact that the streaming giant rejected a film by Will Ferrell is a testament to how awful Holmes & Watson is. Deadline reports that Sony has sold its film share to Mimran Schur Pictures and has decided to take a minority stake to make up for the losses early on. With Aquaman and Mary Poppins returns right now in theaters, .