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Waze's progress reports appear on Google Maps for Android

Google Maps has long been the definitive mapping and directions planner app for Android and iOS. A final challenger to this standard was Waze, who provided crowdsourcing data on driving conditions to keep his information accurate and up-to-date. Waze was such an outstanding service that Google actually acquired about five years ago. Although Waze has never been included on Google Maps, as many would expect, one of its best features could make the leap.

A growing number of Google Maps users on Android have noticed that Waze has released the incident reporting feature. In the Waze app, users can report issues related to current traffic conditions such as accidents, road closures and even police activities such as speed monitoring. This allows the app to display live traffic information to other drivers in the area.

The integration of the feature in Google Maps differs slightly as users find that a pop-up window asks if a problem still affects the traffic delays. This includes confirming whether a road is still closed or roadworks are ongoing, as well as information about when the problem was first reported or terminated.

The call is currently showing up for a certain number of Android users, not clear what exactly causes it to show up. Google has confirmed that the feature has been in the Android version of Google Maps for several months. Therefore, this could be a broader introduction for testing purposes. However, there is no word when presented to Maps users on iOS.

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