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We answer the burning PS5 questions of the internet about price, release date and games

Sony has recently unveiled new details about PlayStation 5, including the fact that it has PlayStation 5, a release window for Holiday 2020, a controller with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, and a 4K Blu-ray Disc. player. Ray drive that can read optical discs of 100GB and more.

Although we have learned a lot about PS5, there is still a fair amount of confusion about this next-generation hardware. To counter this, we have collected several questions on the Internet and have tried to answer many of the most common questions based on the information provided by Sony and our own industry knowledge.

What does PS5 cost? [1
9659004] "So I think that Xbox and PS5 cost $ 500, and I think they will only be a tad higher than the last generation start-up to better secure the future." – Adavanter, IGN commentator [19659002] "Any pricing information?" – u / Dolphins_96

"Price?" @ YannickElManss5

Obviously, the price will be one of the most important factors when buying a new console. Especially with the introduction of a new generation of consoles, the price can not only make the purchase decision of the fans, but also affect the dynamics that can have the sales of a console for the future.

I do not know anything about the price of the PS5 yet. The system's lead architect, Mark Cerny, said early this year that the price was "attractive to gamers in view of its advanced features," which … does not really say much.

But it pays to look back on history to get a feel for what price we could look at. Launched for $ 399 in 2013, the PS4 broke the $ 499 introductory price for the Xbox One in the same year, while the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X were given the same price for their respective product launches.

Sony and introductory prices are also a sore topic The company – the introductory prices for the PS3 of $ 500 and $ 600, as well as comments on taking on a second job to pay for it – put the PS3 back on the sales run and She did not let her get going until late in her life.

] We're probably facing a starring contest as Sony and Microsoft wait to see who's the first to flash over the price. Given the discussions about lightning fast solid state drives, the support of ray tracing and 8K, and much more jargon that may not be much of an undisturbed consumer, I'd bet we'd either get $ 399 or $ 499 consider. I'm prone to higher prices because of Cerny's comments, but if Sony really wants to bring PS5 devices to their homes, $ 399 is a great sweet spot. Consoles are traditionally sold at a loss when introduced. So if Sony really tries to bring the console to many households as quickly as possible, they may be willing to suffer a bigger loss in advance to power a larger generation in the long run.

When is the release date of PS5?

"Does December holiday mean like Christmas or summer holidays?" @ Yousef12573614

"Holidays mean the end of the year, right?" – Mama_says_dont_go_to_work, IGN Commenter

"What does other Europeans mean [does] actually be the next holiday? Next 4th Quarter 2020?" – u / tomaszko

"Before Black Friday?" @Enyawbruce

Holiday 2020 is essentially a sloppy wording for Q4 2020 (October to December). While each of these months is a fair game, the safest bet would be the first weeks of November.

November is the same month that PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One started up. It makes perfect sense that Sony is pushing for a date for early November. It's a good idea to bring the console to stores before Christmas, but Sony (and probably Microsoft as well) will have new systems in the shops in time for Black Friday shopping.

] Retailers and online retailers are doing everything to sell items during the week of Black Friday (and even the following week). A beautiful, shiny new console that can be viewed on the Amazon home page or in a Best Buy kiosk in the shop is the key to a wider, more casual buyer interest.

Since the story dictated November as the main month, I assume that we will see it then, but probably will not get a suitable start date until the beginning of next year.

Will PS5 be backward compatible?

"Do you think they will give us backward compatibility?" – ranma1 / 2, IGN Commentator

"Have you confirmed that PS5 will be backward compatible?" – delta169, IGN commentator

"Is there any specific information on reverse [Compatibility]?" – u / phantomlordpt

"Will it? Backwards compatible? "I've put too much into my PS4 just not to have it [work] with my PS5. @asmanimator

"How does backward compatibility work? Cyberpunk 2077 starts? Or do I have to buy a PS5 version? " – Miranda Sanchez, IGN

Sony confirmed that PS5 will be backward compatible with PS4 games when it unveiled its ambitions for the next generation earlier this year – the company did not specify, so it's not clear Whether there could be exceptions, but you can expect to be able to play important PS4 games, especially exclusive ones, on your PS5.

The PS5 is also backwards compatible with the PlayStation VR software and current PSVR headsets So, if you've already thought or thought about a PSVR, you know you'll be able to play it on your PS5 from 2020.

As for previous consoles, I'd say do not expect that Sony's previous PlayStation Suddenly libraries are backward compatible, especially with the well-known architectural differences of the PS3 In place of that, I would not be surprised to see that Sony has its PlayStation Now streaming service, which includes PS2 and PS3 games as well as a large collection of PS4 games, continues to push.

You can use your copy of Cyberpunk 2077 at the start date of the PS5. But nothing prevents CD Projekt Red from putting a next-gen version on the market.

Which games will appear on PS5?

"Do you think Ghost of Tsushima will be a startup title?" – Kain.Highwind, IGN Commenter

"I really hope Sony continues the development of The Last of Us 2 for the PS5, which is the version I want to play." – Lex429, IGN Commentator

Killzone 5? @ Godspeed2

"Demon Soul Remake from Bluepoint Studios? " – u / Ahmad-

OK, let's start from the top – Sony has confirmed it again In the past, Ghost of Tsushima was still on its way for PS4, and of course The Last of Us has Part 2 I would like to see a release date for the launch of PS4, and given the backwards compatibility, I would expect both games to run better and look better on your PS5.

Still, I would not be shocked to see "PS5-enhanced" versions of these in the early years Games would come years of the PS5 lifecycle, whether it's "8K support," better refresh rates, or other gadgets with a bit of DLC content, Sony recorded the re-release of "The Last of Us Remastered" for PS4 It seems to be crazy that they would not try to do the same with these latest flagship titles, even if it depends on whether the dev Costs for them are worthwhile.

Killzone 5 – no, I'm sorry. I think Killzone is lost for the time being. On the other hand, Knack will never die.

And whatever Bluepoint Studios is working on, we have recently learned that the company is developing its "biggest" PS5 game to date. Speculation before that involved both a Demon's Souls remake and an original Metal Gear Solid remake. Both are not crazy candidates, but there's so much hold on recent generations of PlayStation exclusives that Bluepoint could work on any number of remakes.

PS5 games that we believe are already in development

What's going on? with the PS5 controller?

"Anyone with all the details about the controller seen information about whether he still has a 3.5 jack? A real convenience for me in the current gene controllers." – u / PalapaSlaps

"Hello, can anyone explain that [what] are adaptive triggers?" – u / Germerican96

"How much does the controller cost more than the DS4?" – Dan Stapleton, IGN

"Speaking of new DualShock, battery life of the controller? Will it be called 'DualShock 5?' – Isiah Smith, IGN

Unfortunately we have not seen the new PS5 controller, except for a brief description, indicating that they are compatible with the DualShock 4, but with new tricks and tricks. (No information on this 3.5 jack yet, but we know they can be charged with USB-C.)

There's only some information left for adaptive triggers and the other newly advertised haptic feedback features on how Sony integrates them. Another similar technology could help us understand them a little better, even though we worry about how often they are used.

Based on the PS5 report from Wired, the haptic feedback eliminates the usual vibrator motors in favor of tactile feedback to simulate the conditions of your game character. Does your character pile through mud or does he slip on ice? The controller somehow simulates the feeling.

Autumn 2019 DualShock 4 Colors

Honestly, it's hard to say how a standard controller works so well and in a consistently interesting way that does not distract from gaming. Rumble was the industry standard, and while Nintendo was trying to innovate with the admittedly cool HD Rumble on the Switch, it unfortunately became an inadequate gimmick.

For adaptive triggers, developers will be able to tune the triggers to fade into the background. Game actions like drawing an arrow on a bow. While this might be cool and interesting, it must once again hire developers to use specific ideas, unless Microsoft has the same capabilities. The Xbox One had triggers with rumble technology to better simulate in-game elements like a car engine.

The standard MSRP price for most PS4 controllers is $ 59.99. I would not be shocked to see the price go up another $ 10 to $ 69.99 when all the new technology goes into the controllers. But even here, Sony could decide to charge controller first with loss, to bring them into people's homes.

And yes, it will probably be called DualShock 5, while it can either provide a comparable or a (one man) dream) Better battery life than the DualShock 4.

Will Sony finally release a legitimate answer to Xbox Game Pass?

– Mark Medina, IGN

I think Sony will continue to position PlayStation Now as an alternative to the Game Pass. The recent addition of major PS4 games (albeit on a rotating basis) like God of War and a sharp price cut mean that Sony wants to attract more subscribers to Now.

I think Sony will focus on Xbox and Pair Now with PlayStation Plus to make it easier for millions of customers who already subscribe to Plus and may not even know it exists.

Will PS + offer both PS5 and PS4 games?

– Daemon Hatfield, IGN

I would certainly expect it. While Sony has recently taken out PS3 and PS Vita games from their series of free games for PS Plus, I would expect them to give PS5 owners additional incentive.

These moves were more akin to knowing where the player base was than trying to steal more bang for our money. So, I would not be shocked to see a free PS5 game with two free backward compatible PS4 games every month, at least at the beginning. (And please, for the love of VR, add a free PSVR game every month!)

Will there be a PlayStation VR 2?

– Mark Medina, IGN

Sony is shy at the moment about the future of PSVR, except to say that the company continues to support it. PSVR is backward compatible with PS5 for me, which means we will not see PSVR 2 when the PS5 starts up.

However, I strongly believe that we will be upgrading PSVR headsets, especially if other VR headset manufacturers continue to do so innovating. I would assume that there will be a boost in 2021 or 2022, depending on what Sony still has to offer on the first-party site.

What's the Next Generation Wow Factor?

"What can consoles do?" Innovation was dead. What makes me think they'll do better next time? " – ineedgames, IGN commentator

These two put together, the" Wow " Factor of past generations contributed to the acquisition of new customers These were really the graphic leaps. The HD upgrade from PS2 to PS3 and even the switch from PS3 to PS4 initially signaled some new visual effects for games. And while I'd expect the PS5 to be prettier, I do not think it's going to be the kind of change we've seen in previous generations, especially with the mid-step consoles like the PS4 Pro.

Instead, I think I think innovation will be less obvious, but take into account many more aspects of game development. Yes, we will (hopefully) see great additions such as faster load times and more solid frame rates and resolutions. But it is the multitude of hidden under the hood elements that make the innovation of games. The ability to create more detailed, more complex worlds (if not larger ones) that are not technical constraints, and the development of more depth and complexity NPCs to make each player's gameplay unique are just two examples what you think about.

And we've seen these changes already in games like Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War and even in upcoming games like Watch Dogs: Legion. I'm not a developer, so I'm not going to try to figure out exactly what those advances will look like, but I expect we'll see some changes in the first year of PS5 if they're not near the start. 19659070] For more information on PS5, see the heading "Energy Saving to Combat Climate Change" and "How a Developer Apparently Confirmed the Design of a Development Kit."

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