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We are following perfect braces in the 2019 NCAA Tournament

40 of the 63 NCAA 2019 games in 2019 have two perfect parentheses in all major online games: Center Road in our Bracket Challenge Game and Court Stormers in Yahoo

That's the longest Series of correct staple picks we've ever seen, breaking the record of 39 games in 2017 (we'll explain why we're so sure of that number).

This is the fourth year in which we are tracking tens of millions of brackets from the country's largest online bracket games, including our Bracket Challenge game ESPN, CBS, Yahoo, Fox and Sports Illustrated perfect bracket busts. Or you know, if someone gets the first detectable perfect mount. We reckon with the former.

The first three days had some surprises, but these two brackets have predicted each and every one of them.

The probability of predicting which side a coin will reach is 40 consecutive times are 1

: 1: 099: 511: 627: 776.

We will return on Sunday at 12:10 ET when Iowa returns in the 41st Game of the tournament Tennessee faces. Both brackets have the volunteers who win this. Read on below for our game-by-game updates and live here all Sunday to live vicariously through the two flawless brackets:

The Perfect NCAA Bracket Cracker

Saturday, March 23 [19659010] Recap: Out Of the tens of millions of brackets typed in online games, two through 40 games have remained perfect. This year we had 39 games in a row. Both perfect brackets have the same three starting points for Sunday: Tennessee, UNC and Duke. The first game they disagree with is the fourth of the day: Buffalo Vs. Texas tech. Will they survive so far? We will follow them closely to see.

  • 12:01 AM: Auburn could not afford to miss Kansas, but one of the three remaining brackets missed this selection. And that concludes Day 3 of the tournament. We have two perfect braces left.
  • 10:40 PM: Purdue defeated the defending national champions in Villanova, which also struck another block from the group. But the three perfect braces have leveled the record of 39 games in a row. Two of these three have Auburn, one has Kansas. We will see that at least one of these survives the night.
  • 10:05 PM: We can say for sure that at least one clip will reach 40 right picks and stay perfect until tomorrow. Purdue leads Villanova in the second half with 30 points. Three of the last four brackets have the boilermakers. Of these, two chose Auburn in the final game of the day and one chose Kansas.
  • 10:02 PM: The 2-State Michigan State had no problems with the 10-seeded Minnesota, with another game all four brackets were in agreement. So we have four perfect brackets left in 38 games. That's one of the longest series we've ever seen.
  • 21:26: Gonzaga drove past the 9-seed Baylor, a result all called perfect staples. Still in four perfect brackets, now 37 games.
  • 20:09 PM: Two brackets had chosen 35 games correctly before they wrongly predicted the 12-seed Murray State to beat the 4-State State of Florida. This gives us a total of four perfect brackets after 36 games. Now set the plate to zero.
  • 19:27 PM: All six remaining brackets chose 2-seed Michigan to beat the 10-seed game against Florida, and all six were right. No change in the total after this.
  • 5:08 PM: Fletcher Magee did not make a single 3-pointer when Wofford ran out against Kentucky. Only one of the remaining brackets had the terriers, so now we only have six perfect braces.
  • 2.30pm: The first game of the second round reduced our number of perfect braces again as the 3-frame LSU beat the six-league Maryland with a one-second strike from 69-67. We only have seven now.
    • ESPN: 3
    • Yahoo: 2
    • BCG: 1
    • CBS: 1


Review: We started the tournament in 2019 with several million brackets. After the first day, we only had about 60,000 perfect braces. In two days and 32 games, there are now only 16 perfect brackets for all important brackets. On Saturday there are eight more games and for some of these 16 brackets there is the chance to set the record with 40 real picks. We will keep you up to date. The first matchup on Saturday sees the 6-seeded Maryland Vs. 3-seed LSU at noon before, ET. See you then.

  • 12:33 AM: The fourteen-headed Virginia Tech held the thirteen-headed St. Louis by the arm. With that we have taken out two of our 18 brackets, so that we have a total of 16 places in the second round:
    • ESPN: 10
    • Yahoo: 3
    • BCG: 2
    • CBS: 1
    • Sports Illustrated: 0
    • Fox: 0
  • 11:59 PM: UCF with 9 seeds had no problems with VCU with 8 seeds and the eleven seeds in the state of Ohio with 6 seeds. These games were fairly evenly distributed on our perfect braces. After 31 games we only have 18 perfect brackets.
    • ESPN: 10
    • Yahoo: 4
    • CBS: 2
    • BCG: 2
    • Sports Illustrated: 0
    • Fox: 0
  • 11:22 PM: UNC beat 16-year-old Iona in the first half but rallied hard. Surprisingly, Iona had won the match in one of the 66 brackets that correctly selected the first 28 games. So we only have 65 perfect brackets left.
  • 10:05 PM: We Have a Full Count – 66 Perfect Brackets Have Remained in All Major Online Games.
    • ESPN: 48
    • Yahoo: 8
    • CBS: 6
    • BCG: 4
    • SI: 0
    • Fox: 0
  • 21:56 PM: With 28 under-the-belt games, we can safely say there are fewer than 100 perfect brackets among the major online games. Right now our Bracket Challenge Game has 4, ESPN 48, Yahoo 8, and Sports Illustrated and Fox 0. Both have not posted or updated a leaderboard since the 24-game mark (four games ago). We know they have at least a handful of perfect braces to have. So, realistically, we're looking at between 60 and 70 perfect parentheses. There are four games left today.
  • 21:48 PM: Liberty got his first NCAA tournament victory (the tournament's third 12-5 defeat) and we are still under 100 perfect braces.
  • 21:14 PM: Zion Williamson made his NCAA tournament debut when Duke dominated the state of North Dakota. The 3-seed Houston also addressed the 14-seed state of Georgia State, 84-55. No wonder none of these games have greatly impacted the total number of perfect parentheses. We're still looking for a few hundred in all games.
  • 21:06 PM: Yahoo's ranking is up to date in 25 games, and only 36 of its 3 million brackets are still perfect.
  • 9: 00:00 am: The 9-seed Washington beat down the 8-seed Utah State 78-61, nearly halving all our perfect braces. Now we have dropped to 0.001%.
  • 19:11: ESPN has also dropped by 24 games to just 0.002 percent. Fox Sports has only two and Sports Illustrated is exhausted. We probably will not know the totals for CBS and Yahoo until they're under 50 each.
  • 18:43: Twelve-year-old Oregon dominated Wisconsin five-man in the second half. The number of perfect mounts will now be slim. At this time, we only have 0.002 percent.
  • 6:30 pm: Buffalo held off eleven-year-old Arizona State, bringing us to 0.005 percent in 23 games. ESPN reported the first numbers of the day and was at only 0.01 percent. We join, people.
  • 5:11 PM: Virginia won her first win over a 16-year-old seed since 2016 in a comeback over Gardner Webb. Only a few of our perfect braces were not chosen by the Cavaliers. We are still at 0.008 percent in 22 games.
  • 16:58: Tennessee held back the 15-seed Colgate, which towered over just a few brackets from our corpus. We are still at 0.008 percent in 21 games.
  • 16:10: The 13-seed UC Irvine had brought the tournament's biggest surprise to date and defeated the 4-state state of Kansas. That really left a number in perfect parentheses. We only have 0.008 percent of our millions of brackets.
  • 15:40: Texas Tech took care of the Northern Kentucky Norse, and the needle barely moved. Still 0.08 percent in our parentheses.
  • 14:41 PM: Oklahoma with 9 seeds throttled the 8-sore Ole Miss 95-72, leaving 0.08 percent of the brackets in 18 games still perfect.
  • 2:29 PM: The first game on Friday – Iowa's comeback win over Cincinnati – halved our group of perfect braces and dropped to just 0.13 percent after 17 games.
  • 12:19 PM: Yahoo's first report is in: Only 0.2 percent of their brackets survived the first round. As far as we can tell, Yahoo has around 7,000 perfect parentheses.
  • 9:40 AM: ESPN reports that only 0.25 percent brackets remain perfectly in play after the first round of action.


Summary: The first game of the NCAA tournament of 2019 – the 10-seed Minnesota victory over the 7-seed Louisville – lowered our total number of perfect braces of 100 Percent to 31 percent. And the number dropped further. The 12-seed Murray State win over 5-seed Marquette conceded the field from 12.8 percent to 4.9 percent. The 7-seed Wofford's victory over the 10-seed Seton Hall fell below 1 percent for the first time. At the end of the tournament's first 16 games, we ended up with only 0.26 percent of our millions of braces that stayed perfect. The main group of Sports Illustrated had only 23 perfect brackets, ESPN was below 2 percent and Yahoo and CBS did not report numbers. We'll get a better idea of ​​the total number if we have a few more games left today on Day 2. Stay tuned.


Before 2017, the longest perfect series We had tracked 36, according to Yahoo! Sports. In 2014, Brad Binder started with 36 to 36 to start the tournament.

In 2016, the longest participant was 25 games to start the tournament. This is far below the reported (and confirmed) best tournaments of 2015, when a person in ESPN's online bracket game picked the first 34 games correctly, according to senior ESPN writer Darren Rovell. ESPN said in 2016 that the 2015 round was the best start to a tournament that has been set to record for 18 years this year. Yahoo! Sports reported last year that Binder had been the only round in which the perfect round was picked up for the second round of the 18-year-old game. In 2017, Yahoo! reported 37 perfect braces in the first round.

So that's the record we made before this year. Online and paper clips have been reviewed for more than three decades – the current format has existed since 1985 – and with an estimated 60 to 100 million brackets filled out each year, the likelihood of someone developing better somewhere is more likely. The finding of an official record is made even more difficult by the fact that online games have only recently begun with extensive records.

We could not find any verified braces that were perfect in the Sweet 16 (through 48 games) at all. There was a well-known example of a bracket that was perfect in two rounds in 2010, but there was no way to check the authenticity of the bracket. It had been included in an online game in which the choice between rounds could be changed according to a Deadspin report of that time.

2018: Last season, no bracket held over the first round, as 16-seed UMBC's historic turmoil of breaking seed from top seed Virginia has beaten any group that made it had to stay perfect in the first 28 games of the tournament. Before this game, there were 25 braces that were still perfect, but all chose Virginia to defeat UMBC.

2017: The 2017 tournament saw the longest perfect brace we had ever seen lasted 39 games before hitting a wrong selection. This bracket was the only one of the tens of millions of brackets we played through to survive 37 games unscathed, but when the 5-seed Iowa State lost in the 40th game of the tournament against the 4-seeded Purdue 80-76, his was perfect Run over.

2016: Three years ago, the shortest run we've seen since the beginning of tracking was when the final perfect round took only 25 right picks before the 7-seed Wisconsin took the 10-seed -Pittsburgh declined in the first round.


So, what are the chances of a perfect bracket? Well, the most popular answer is 1 to 9.2 quintillion, a number that is so inscrutably large that it is virtually impossible to fully grasp. However, it is assumed that you have a 50-50 odds to get each game right, which is obviously not the case.

Over the last eight years, we've actually seen that Bracket Challenge Game users have about two-thirds of all picks right. With this percentage, we calculated the probability that an average user would achieve a perfect bracket at 1 to 120.2 billion. Not as ridiculous as 1 in 9.2 quintillion, but still quite low odds. If you were to fill a unique bracket every single day, it would take you 3,813 years to fill in 120.2 billion parentheses.

However, this year has as good a chance as the first perfect bracket. Stay tuned to see if it happens.

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