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We believe that Apple will announce the iPhone 11 on this day


The Apple iPhone XS.

Angela Lang / CNET

Every year, Apple needs to do something exciting to get people excited about the next iPhone. This also applies to this year. With iPhone sales declining by 1

2% in the third quarter, [profits] are expected to decline to $ 9.6 billion and more people will have to go with their iPhones for Androids To ensure that the iPhone 11, 11R and 11 Max (or whatever they are called) is compelling enough to attract new customers or keep current customers up to date.

When will Apple officially announce the iPhones for 2019? The company has not yet sent invitations to iPhone events, but I expect Apple will introduce the next iPhone on Tuesday, September 10th. Note that this is only a reasonable assumption and we have no confirmation from Apple itself if this date is correct (Apple has not responded to a request for comment immediately). However, there are some reasons why this is the most likely date.

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Three new iPhone 11 models in September, rumors …


For the past seven years, Apple has announced iPhones either in the same week as Labor Day, which takes place on the first Monday in September, or the following week. In the past, when the US holiday took place on September 3 or earlier, Apple announced its iPhone the following week. When Labor Day landed on September 5 or later, as it did in 2015 and 2016, Apple announced the iPhone the following Wednesday (two days after Labor Day). See the table below to see what I mean:

Apple iPhone Release Date and Announcement (2012-2018)

iPhone model and year Announcement Date Release Date
iPhone XS / XS Max (2018) Wednesday, September 12th Friday, September 21st
iPhone 8/8 Plus (2017) Tuesday, September 12th Friday, September 22nd
iPhone 7/7 Plus (2016) Wednesday, September 7th Friday, September 16th
iPhone 6S / 6S Plus (2015) Wednesday, September 9th Friday, September 25th
iPhone 6/6 Plus (2014) Tuesday, September 9th Friday, September 19th
iPhone 5S (2013) Tuesday, September 10th Friday, September 20
iPhone 5 (2012) Wednesday, September 12th Friday, September 21st

This year is the day of work on Monday, September 2nd. According to this pattern, Apple announced its new iPhones the following Tuesday or Wednesday: September 10 or September 11 The news cycle on September 11 is best avoided for obvious reasons. I would choose September 10 as a safer bet. I also assume that the pre-orders will begin on Friday, September 13th.

The date also agrees with the expected release and shipping dates that I expect both to fall on Friday, September 20, years later, about one and a half weeks after Apple's announcements, you might find the regular flagship Buy iPhones on a Friday around the third week of September. Special iPhones, such as the iPhone XR iPhone X and the iPhone SE are delivered according to their own schedules. Since the iPhone XR was available in October, there is a possibility that the iPhone 11R is in the hands of users in October.

There you have it. I think Apple will announce the new iPhone 11s on September 10, with pre-orders on September 13 and shipping on September 20. Again, without the confirmation from Apple, it's just predictions, but we'll find out early enough if I'm right. Last year I used a can of coke if I was right, which was me. (I'm still waiting for this drink.) If I'm right this year, I bet … a box of Pocky.

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