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We drive to Ibiza, revived as a protest hit in the Austrian scandal

  Four members of the Vengaboys, as they were in 2001, pose in the middle of the performance in front of the crowd.

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The Vengaboys, seen here at the height of their popularity

A 20-year Eurodance hit by the Dutch group Vengaboys is experiencing a new boom thanks to the political scandal in Austria.

We're heading to Ibiza, which is celebrating a party on the Balearic Island, tops the iTunes charts in Austria and has also climbed the Spotify charts.

The revival of the song follows a crisis of the Austrian government due to a secret video by two extreme right-wing politicians, who seem to offer dodgy deals in an Ibiza villa.

Young anti-government protesters in Vienna sang the song last weekend.

The way charts are measured has changed since 1

999, and although it was at the top of the iTunes download list in Austria, it was ranked # 73 on the Spotify list.

It was placed on Four of them on the playlist "Viral 50" of the company.

Vengaboys praised the German TV satirist Jan Böhmermann for her unexpected resurgence.

The popular satirist tweeted the music video on May 17 as the political scandal loomed, with a raised eyebrow emoji and the European flag, and since then invited the Vengaboys to perform in Vienna.

It is believed that he was aware of the video of the two far-right politicians on Ibiza, even before it was published.

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Media title from, 2017, was taken in a villa in Ibiza

Austria's government falls apart

The secret video "Ibiza Gate" culminated in the collapse of the so-called "turquoise blue" coalition of Austria, named after the colors of the far-right Freedom Party (FPÖ) and the center-right People's Party (ÖVP)

The video was shot in 2017, weeks before the elections that brought the far-right to power.

  • Austria's short selects technocrats for cabinet posts

The footage released by German media last Friday has fa Right-wing leader Heinz-Christian Strache seems to offer public contracts to a woman who is allegedly a niece of the Russian oligarch She buys a large share of an Austrian newspaper. the right ministerial colleagues to leave the government. They were replaced by technocrats on Wednesday.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz faces a vote of no confidence on Monday.

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