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We have reached the Brexit level "At least there will still be enough food for all".

  Queen Elizabeth II looks at products on the shelves in a Waitrose supermarket during a visit to the town of Poundbury on October 27, 2016 in Poundbury, Dorset.

Stock up for as long as you can

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The grandiose pledges of Brexit advocates 2016 will be more modest two years later. Instead of boasting that the EU is providing £ 350 million a week for the National Health Service and other programs (a key, albeit misleading, Brexit campaign plan), supporters instead reassure British consumers that it does not being forced to fight their neighbors for the last can of beans in the local supermarket. Probably.

The prospect that Britain will be forced to leave the EU next year without having negotiated an agreement on future economic relations with Europe will be very real, and newly appointed Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab said Tuesday the government is making preparations. Make sure that there is enough food "If that happens, he rejected allegations that the government was" stocking "food, and said it would simply work with private suppliers to make sure there were no breaks.

Britain produces only about 49 percent of its own food, and 30 percent is imported from EU countries, so disruptions could be significant if Britain cuts out without a trade agreement. According to the Guardian, other contingency plans at the plants include the possibility that "armed forces could be deployed to perform various civilian functions, including the use of RAF jets to transport food supplies across the country."

Not all bad news about the autarky front. As the Guardian [Lisa] & # 39; Carroll notes, while the UK is a net importer for almost every category of food, it enjoys a trade surplus in 'drinks', mainly thanks to Scotch whiskey. That could be useful soon.

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