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We now have proof that Pixel 3a has been delayed by at least two months

The Pixel 3a and 3a XL were finally announced on Google I / O, and although well received by reviewers and Android enthusiasts alike, they come out at a most unpleasant time: 7 months before the launch of the original pixels 3 and 3 XL. Anyone interested in the matter knew that the Pixel 3a and 3a XL was one thing for months before launch. We had significant leaks in March and there were rumors and whispers long before that.

With each week it seemed more likely that Google would not even let go of the phones, because eventually it would make more sense to just wait for the Pixel 4 line. The number of leaks and the amount of information available for pixels 3a and 3a XL all indicated that there were some unforeseen delays in the introduction. Now we have the Pixel 3a and 3a XL in our hands, and we have some indication of how long they have been delayed.

 Pixel 3a xl and Pixel 3 XL

Then I noticed other breadcrumbs in the software The pixel 3a executes the software build number PD2A.190115.032, which looks like a random alphanumeric string but actually contains good information, i We can easily decode. Google uses a standardized build number convention that indicates when a particular software build for a phone was synced to the development branch – in this case, it is January 15, 2019. This is not necessarily the exact build Date for the software of Pixel 3a, but at least this process was started. We do not have to cut hair here to get exactly the same conclusion: the Pixel 3a was in late-stage development in January.

It is clear that Pixel 3a and 3a XL were essentially finished and ready for use by March at the latest.

The last part is the Android security patch, which is surprisingly outdated for a pixel. There is the March 5 security patch, which is now back in two versions and has not yet been updated – and I do not have a pre-release or non-final phone. These phones are now sold. Yes, pixel 3a is not the same high-end device as the standard pixel, but Google has the same security requirements as monthly security patches. You would expect it to be up and running immediately or to be updated with the latest security update available immediately afterward.

Normally, this would not be particularly interesting as cell phones come from every business on the market. Of-date software, old Google apps and missing security patches. However, if a company could release a phone with the latest security patch and run the latest Google apps immediately, this would be Google . Along with the long gap after the original launch of the Pixel 3 series, it seems as if something has turned up that kept the 3a from coming as soon as Google originally hit the market.

There does not seem to be a whole lot that would have prevented the publication of 3a. Interestingly, it does not seem to give much here what would have required Google to stop the launch of the 3a and 3a XL. There are no new or innovative components, the camera system was removed directly from Pixel 3, and there are no major software feature updates that would hinder the launch. We still do not know why Google waited almost 7 months after the announcement of the Pixel 3 series to get the 3a and 3a XL out the door, but at least we know there was a kind of setback , Did the delay have a technical problem? Marketing raid? Supply problems? It could have been something .

But it does seem that substantial parts of the phones are operational months before they are announced, and this was not a purely strategic decision to wait at Google I / O.

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If you have a desire to get your hands on a Pixel 3 XL, but can not justify the starting price of $ 800, the Pixel 3a XL was made just for you. It has the same camera as Pixel 3, Android Pie from the box, and it is guaranteed that there will be software updates for three years.

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