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We now need Sony's portable air conditioner

The new Sony Reon Rocket is a cooling wearable that promises you to relax in the heat. The people suffering from the current heatwaves sweeping the world agree that it's a shit to be trapped between air conditioners. But what if you could take AC with you? This is exactly what this portable device promises.

Unfortunately, the device is not yet available: it must first be funded by crowdfunding and should be delivered by March 2020 if it reaches its target (currently funded at 44%). But the promise Mobile cooling is too tempting to ignore.

According to hundreds of simulations, according to Gizmodo the Reon Pocket should be able to cool the user's body temperature by 1

3 degrees Celsius]. The device also helps on cold days (if you can remember what that is) and warms a body by 8 degrees Celsius.

Portable AC in a Proprietary Shirt

The Reon Rocket itself is a 85g capsule the size of a garage remote that fits in the pocket of a custom made shirt – actually at the top of your back. You can control it via iOS or Android phone, and an "auto mode" comes. The battery lasts 24 hours with a 2-hour full charge.

The starting price for a Reon missile on its crowdfunding site is 14,080 yen (approximately $ 129, $ 104, $ 186). and bags. No, it may not work with a normal or do-it-yourself shirt: The device appears to sit in a special cut panty with a tiny neckline to allow it to vent. It is unclear whether the device is just as effective elsewhere.

You could also pay less for the Reon Rocket Light, a lower-functionality version. This model starts at 12,760 yen (about 117 USD, 944 GBP, 168 AU $), but has only manual controls.

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