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We will never be free from Young Sheldon

Photo: Michael Desmond (CBS)

To ensure that Sheldon Cooper's sinister rule flies across television – a true Bazingoligarie, if you will – CBS will announce today that it is renewing its Big Bang Theory [19659003] Spin-off Young Sheldon for another two seasons in the air. The Iain Armitage starring single-cam is currently the second-highest comedy on Network TV and is only lagging behind its mother show, because goddamn people love when a character clumsily says a "smart" thing and then the "normal" one People around them are patiently rolling their eyes.

The amazing thing about Young Sheldon is that he often succeeds in having a completely different taste than Big Bang Theory . that should end this year. If you put it through the beats of different "Aw, but she really loves it!" Enter, you can hardly expect it was born from the planet's almost omnipotent multi-cam joke festival.

Anyway, To tell George Orwell: If you ever have to imagine a vision of the future, imagine a Young Sheldon smiling on a human face forever, because that little fool is not somewhere goes soon.

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