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Wear Kulu-Ya-Ku's head with this quest in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World currently has a time-limited event quest, so if you want another piece of headgear to decorate your hunter, you're in luck. The new Egg Lovers United Event Quest is now live and features the notorious Kulu Ya-Ku monster. When you complete this event quest, you'll get a Kulu Ya-Ku headpiece to wear – just in case you want to be a big bird for the holidays.

Egg Lovers United is a six-star quest that says, "I'll only make it if you're Hunter Rank 11 or higher, and you have to kill a giant Kulu-Ya-ku in the arena if you can But you can not beat him just once, you have to beat him three times and then you will be rewarded with the headgear.

The head of Kulu-Ya-Ku increases your speed when you transport items and he can have almost any color you want, you have time to collect your reward and complete the quest by April 5, so there should be plenty of time for your hunt, Monster Hunter World often has similar quests to help you with Reward equipment like this if you want to try, so look out for similar missions in the future.

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