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Week 12 NFL Ranking for 2018

It's time of the year again to count your blessings, and NFL teams should do the same.

In the 12th Week Power Ranking, our NFL Nation reporters took on a Turkey Day theme and found a reason to thank each team.

How we entwine: Our Power Panel – a group of more than 80 authors, editors and TV personalities – evaluated how teams get together in the first eleven weeks of the season. [19659004] Previous Reviews: 11 | 10 | 9 | 8 | 7 | 6 | 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | Preseason

11th Week Ranking: 1

Thankful for: Drew Brees and Sean Payton are better off together in Year 13 than ever before. Brees has already done some amazing things, but nothing compares to the crazy season he has at the age of 39 (25 TD passes, one interception and one finishing grade of 76.9). Meanwhile, on a weekly basis, Payton keeps coming up with new, creative wrinkles, averaging 48 points per game over the past three weeks. – Mike Triplett

11th Week Ranking: 3

Thankful for: Owner Stan Kroenke. Not only did he commit to the construction of the new stadium in Inglewood due to open in 2020, he also signed up for several players, including defender of the year's NFL defender Aaron Donald, with a $ 135 million six-year salary Extension and defense of NFL offensive player Todd Gurley with a four-year extension worth up to $ 60 million. Kroenke's willingness to trim controls ensures that the Rams have a chance to be a dominant team over the coming seasons. – Lindsey Thiry

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11th Week Ranking: 2

Thankful for: A self-made quarterback. During most of their first 58 seasons, the Chiefs almost exclusively dropped another team to the game's most important position. They eventually signed up to do it on one of their own, and they were rewarded with Patrick Mahomes. Although he is a starter in his first season, Mahomes seems to be one of the best for many years. – Adam Teicher

11th Week Ranking: 5

Grateful for: Le & Veon Bell. What if the Steelers were tired of answering Bell questions? His absence has put the team on the road to a 7-2-1 record. Heck, they should not have cleared his locker. They should have left their stuff there to remind that this wild season is working. The Steelers may miss Bell this year, but they clearly wanted to show that they can win without him. – Jeremy Fowler

Week 11 Rank: 6

Grateful for: Bill Belichick and Tom Brady for a 19th season in a row. At this time in 2017, some asked how long the duo would stay together due to tensions, with speculation swirling that 2018 might not even be a guarantee. But that would be like disassembling and stuffing the turkey – it just would not seem right. – Mike Reiss

Ranking of the 11th week: 7

Thankful for: Hiring of head coach Matt Nagy. Bears fans completely broke away from the team when John Fox took the responsibility. Nagy is the complete opposite of Fox. He is young, energetic, committed and offensive. just what the Bears needed to escape the NFC North. The bears have won a total of 14 games from 2015-17. Nagy has won the Bears already with seven wins, six games are still in its first season at the top. – Jeff Dickerson

Ranking of the 11th week: 4

Thankful for: Anthony Lynn. The no-nonsense head coach for the Chargers started in 2017 with 0-4, since then the Chargers are 16-6. This season Lynn has the Chargers at 7: 3 and is about to make the playoffs for the first time since 2013. Lynn has been involved in the move of his franchise to Los Angeles, playing in a temporary home where opposing fans take over the role of the stadium and the organization go through six kickers. Through all this, Lynn has had a consistent influence and blamed the players for their performance on the field. – Eric Williams

Week 11 Placement: 10

Grateful for: Colts coach Frank Reich stands in the fourth week in the 4th stoppage time Would be Indianapolis Probably just a draw, the Texan defender would have made a big stop to get the ball back in Colts territory, and the Texans won a field goal as time went on. That win was the first of seven in a row, and if the teams drew, Houston would be just ahead of Indy in AFC South at AFC South with just one matchup this season. – Sarah Barshop



Ryan Clark explains that the defense of the Vikings needs to generate more sales and Kirk cousins ​​at the franchise quarterback level must occur to play in the playoffs Achieving a Run

Ranking of Week 11: 8

Thankful for: The receiving duo of Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs. Minnesota's attack runs through Thielen and Diggs, who act as interchangeable chess pieces in John DeFilippo's system, allowing Kirk cousins ​​to orchestrate a consistent pass attack. Thielen became the first Viking player to have had 1000 consecutive strings since Randy Moss. By the end of the 2018 season, the Vikings had two 1,000-yard receivers (Diggs has 713). It would be the first time that the franchise has done such a feat since Moss and Cris Carter crossed 1,000 yards each in 2000. – Courtney Cronin

# 11: 9

Thankful for: Home Games. The Panthers were terrible on the streets when they made a one-for-one comeback in the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles with a single miracle. They are home 5-0, a big reason why they are in the playoff competition. You have just won 10 at home. With three of their last six games at Bank of America Stadium, if they can stay home perfectly and steal one or two victories on the road, they should be tied to the playoffs. – David Newton

11th Week Ranking: 15

Grateful for: New offensive coach Mike Solari. The bad offensive game that finally set Tom Cable on fire is no longer an issue for the Seahawks. This group is better under Solari across the board, even if the bag numbers do not show it. The Seahawks have a peak of 154 yards per game on average. In a testimony to Solari's abandonment of a new blocking scheme, Seattle crashed down to 273 after losing to the Rams, despite losing to topback Chris Carson, and lacking starting guard DJ Fluker. – Brady Henderson

11th Week Ranking: 11

Thankful for: That their brutal road is almost over. They came from their week with four out of five in the street. They have only one left – in Minnesota on Sunday night. They did not win this season and lost all five. The last three were particularly nerve-wracking: at the Rams, where Aaron Rodgers never had a chance to win a game because of a fierce kick-off; the Patriots, where they were tied 17-17 and went down to score when Aaron Jones fumbled; and last night in Seattle. – Rob Demovsky

Ranking of the 11th week: 16

Thankful for: Control of the playoff fate. Before Sunday, the Ravens had not won a game in 31 days, losing three of them in a row and getting the season out of control. After defeating Cincinnati, Baltimore has the No. 6 and the last playoff spot in the AFC. The stake stands high for the ravens. If Baltimore does not finish a three-year drought after the season, this could be the final season for coach John Harbaugh. – Jamison Hensley



Adam Schefter breaks the acquisition of Mark Sanchez by the Redskins as a backup quarterback.

Number 11: 12

Thankful for: Nobody signed Adrian Peterson before August 20th. This allowed the Redskins to grab him once after the injury had accumulated on the run back, starting with the expected starter Derrius Guice. Many wondered what Peterson still had; Now you have to wonder where the Redskins would be without him. Peterson hastened for 723 yards and six touchdowns. He has insulted the Redskins so that they have a lead in the NFC East after ten games. He helped not only in the field, but also with his attitude and his behavior in meeting rooms and in the locker room. – John Keim

Week 11 Rank: 20

Thankful for: Josh McDaniel's & # 39; heart change. He verbally agreed to be the team's head coach before leaving proprietors Jim Irsay and GM Chris Ballard at the altar when it was time to sign his contract. McDaniel's decision to stay in New England is the best thing that can happen to the Colts outside of Andrew Luck's return and their offensive offensive play – it enabled Indianapolis to find a coach in Frank Reich who made the perfect match with Luck is. The Colts are not allowed into the playoffs this season, but this franchise is finally back in the right direction, and Reich has a decisive influence. – Mike Wells

11th Week Ranking: 19

Thankful for: The presence of Amari Cooper. He was a cowboy for just three games, but he has changed the way the offense behaves. He gives Dak Prescott a receiver who can win outside while the route is in progress, creating separation for lighter litters. He gives Ezekiel Elliott more room to run, as his 100-yard games prove. The more the defenses adapt to him the more he plays, the coaches will have to find creative ways to get the ball. The Cowboys might want to have the first round of the Oakland Raiders to fetch them next April, but now Cooper is helping them with the playoff push. – Todd Archer

# 11: 14

Thankful for: Four of their last six games at Nissan Stadium. After defeating the Patriots at home, Tennessee has a 10-3 record at Nissan Stadium, dating back to last season. In week 10, the offense took a step back and fought as in the team's three games earlier this season. They are clearly a better team at home, but they must find a way to win along the way, starting with the clash with the Texans on Monday night's football next week. – Turron Davenport

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11th Week Ranking: 13

Thankful for: A Super Bowl in the Bank. There is no time of grace in Philly – the city is hot after a 48-7 New Orleans bombing in New Orleans, where the Eagles fell to 4-6, but fans can set off in an emergency to pamper their shiny new Lombardi Trophy. The upper management can also find a perspective there. This is good news for a coaching team that might otherwise get into trouble because of the crazy business disruptions. – Tim McManus

Ranking of the 11th Week: 17

Thankful for: A.J. Green. The Bengals realized how much they had missed him when they did not have a decisive fourth down against the Ravens last week. But after missing two games, it looks like Green might come back this week. If Green can come back against the Browns, it certainly looks brighter for the Bengals than a week ago. – Katherine Terrell

Week 11 Rank: 18

Thankful for: Matt Ryan's Health. The 33-year-old, one-time MVP has not missed a single game since the 2009 season – his sophomore year – when grass kicked him out for two competitions. Ryan has averaged 965 offensive snaps per season in his career. – Vaughn McClure

11th Week Ranking: 21

Thankful for: A below-average AFC East. The dolphins are back in mediocrity, but they are still in the midfield of the playoff race as they get fat with two division opponents – jets and bills. The dolphins have already swept the jets and they can win another pair against the Bills in December if they play a decent ball on the track. Despite increasing injuries and Brock Osweiler at QB, Miami still has a chance to go into the playoffs. You should be grateful to have played AFC East Bottom Wellers Jets and Bills twice a year (together 6-14 recordings). – Cameron Wolfe

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# 11: 23

Thankful for: your rookie class. The Broncos & # 39; Class of & # 18; 18 could serve as a benchmark for the future, and one of the world's most prolific players – Phillip Lindsay's reintroduction – was not even designed. But Lindsay, Bradley Chubb, Courtland Sutton, Royce Freeman and Josey Jewell have all started games this season. After the draft course of 2017 had only a limited impact, the Broncos needed more of this year's rookies, and they have safely delivered. Lindsay is in the running for the offensive rookie of the year, while Chubb is on the shortlist to qualify for the Defensive Rookie of the Year. – Jeff Legwold

Ranking of the 11th Week: 22

Thankful for: Owner Shad Khan failed to win the Wembley Stadium. This has – for the moment anyway – tarnished the speech of the move of the franchise to London. That is, there will be no constant rumors and "sources" speculate that the jaguars would travel overseas at any time during the off-season. Now the franchise can focus on finding a quarterback and revising a crime that did not look like it in the 1970s. – Mike DiRocco

11th Week Ranking: 24

Grateful for: Kerryon Johnson and Kenny Golladay. Johnson may miss the Thanksgiving match on Thursday with a knee injury, but he's the explosive player Detroit has been looking for since the retirement of Barry Sanders in the backcourt. Meanwhile, Golladay becomes the team's top receiver, with the threat to size, speed and strength that Detroit most recently faced with Calvin Johnson (although no comparison is possible at the time). Between Johnson and Golladay, the Lions have two young skill-position players who could be at the heart of the offense for the next half-decade or more. – Michael Rothstein

Ranking of the 11th week: 25

Thankful for: A passionately loyal and devoted fanbase. The Browns have not had a successful season since 2007. They have lost at least ten games in nine of their last ten seasons. But with change and nonsense and a "Perfect Season Parade" (to mark the 0-16 record of last season) and the news that a former national security adviser can be interviewed as coach of the team, fans continue to show interest and dive on. They are like the clown toy with the weighted base: every time they get hit, they immediately jump for more. – Pat McManamon



Victor Cruz joins First Take to tear down why the Giants believe the Giants win despite their 3-7 records on the NFC East can. 19659071] Week 11 Rank: 29

Thankful for: Saquon Barkley. Each time the returning rookie touches the ball, he seems to miss at least one defender and has the chance to "bring him into the cradle" as his buddy Odell Beckham Jr. likes to say. Barkley is a must-have TV and his 361 yards after first contact is fourth in the NFL. – Jordan Raanan

Ranking of the 11th week: 26

Thankful for: Talented passport. Although Bucs is the best group with a revolving door in the quarterback and a defense that approaches "historically bad", with Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson, Chris Godwin and O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate. If the offense does not cancel it, it's a pretty tough group that stops. – Jenna Laine

Week 11 Placement: 27

Thankful for: A maximum amount of $ 83 million planned in 2019. When GM was Brandon Beane, he was hired after drafting for 2017, saying it would take about two seasons to clean up the team's salary caps. This goal – along with unforeseen events such as Eric Wood's retirement and self-inflicted wounds such as an August deal with Corey Coleman – has resulted in Buffalo hitting a high $ 58 million against his salary cap this season against the league's salary ceiling. The Bills can use their 2019 purchasing power, second only to the $ 89 million jets, to improve their offensive line and skill positions. – Mike Rodak

# 11: 28

Thankful for: A young quarterback with promise – Sam Darnold. For the first time in five years (since the Mark Sanchez era), the jets will not desperately go into the offseason to find a starter in freelance agency or draft. That's a huge relief. They believe that they have their husband in Darnold. Now it's about developing it and surrounding it with better pieces. – Rich Cimini

Ranking of the 11th week: 30

Thankful for: Flowering young offensive talent. The Niners were partially disappointed with defenders who did not take the next step forward this year, but they are building a solid foundation for the offense. George Kittle seems to have a close ending in the league, Matt Breida is the next hidden gem in Shanahan and RT Mike McGlinchey is already one of the game's best run-blocking tacks. Even the unpainted QB Nick Mullens shows signs of becoming a solid backup. The 49ers would like to have more of recipients like Dante Pettis, but if nothing else is to be gained this season, there are talented youngsters who should be even more willing to contribute in 2019 when quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo steps back onto the field , – Nick Wagoner

Week 11 Placement: 32

Grateful for: A second victory in 10 wild, injury-filled games with star crosses. While the Raiders '23-21 win over the Cardinals on Sunday improved Oakland's record to 2-8, it also reduced the Raiders' chances of "winning" # 1 overall. And that would make a big contribution to the team's rebuilding project. At a loss, the Raiders would have had a 73 percent chance of landing the top pick, per ESPN's Football Power Index. The chances of victory over Arizona dropped to 22 percent. Still, victory is the ultimate deodorant, and things are in place in Oakland. Until the Raiders from the Cardinals made a Thanksgiving turkey. – Paul Gutierrez

11th Week Ranking: 31

Grateful for: David Johnson. There will be a lot of charcoal on the Cardinals' holiday after the start of 2-8, but their only point of light – like a star on top of the tree – is the star that runs back, especially in the past several games under the direction of interim coordinator Byron Leftwich. Johnson has been improving in all three games since taking over Leftwich. On Sunday he had 137 yards. That came a week after he was 183 yards from the fight. Johnson is as close to his All-Pro-Level 2016 as he is in the season, and that's thanks to Leftwich. – Josh Weinfuss

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